PLATINUM InfoSession from PLATINUM technology, Inc. (Web based access to Mainframes)
Platforms: Solaris, Windows 95, Windows NT, OS/2, AIX, HP-UX
Price: starts at $52,000
Allows IT organizations to provide direct access to mainframe applications via a Web browser. IT staff can deliver the data stored in mainframe-based applications to end users through a Web interface without having to rewrite those applications for the client/server environment. InfoSession allows organizations to successfully leverage investments in mainframe hardware and data, and allows users to directly access information that was previously unavailable to them.

Data access processing is performed on the mainframe, not the client machines: only the requested data is returned to the client, minimizing network traffic and saving the time and costs associated with client-based processing.

InfoSession's use of SQL access and server-side processing also eliminates the reengineering, security, performance, and data integrity concerns encountered with other data access tools, such as gateways.

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