Global C Version 2.0 from Uniscape, Inc. (Portable C run-time)
Platforms: Windows 3.x 95, NT, NT on Alpha, OS/2, OS/400, MVS, Solaris
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Run-time library that enables software developers to create single-source applications that are cross- platform portable and multilingual. Global C currently supports seventeen major operating systems.

Applications written using Global C are localized by changing simple data files, and do not require modifying program code. Global C enhances both single platform development and cross-platform portability by providing a function superset API.

Developers are able to build a single application code base that is free of language, territory, code page, and sort order dependencies (language independent source). Language independent source code means fewer bugs and easier testing.

Global C features include: -- A complete set of multibyte-enabled string manipulation and locale-sensitive, string-formatting functions -- Support for multiple PC and Unix platforms -- Support for all major European and Asian languages -- Full backward compatibility with legacy data (compatible with UNICODE and non-UNICODE applications/data) -- Native applications support for each character set (character set conversions performed only when required) -- Suitable for use in client/server applications -- Small footprint (less than 250K on NT) and minimum character set conversion maximize multibyte performance -- No need for developers to change their development tools -- EBCDIC support.

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