EverLink Suite from Anyware Technology, Inc. (Java security product for Internet communications)
Platforms: Runs on any platform that supports Java Virtual Machine technology
Price: Contact vendor for price
URL: http://www.anywaretechnology.com
The EverLink Suite consists of three fully integrated software components that work together to provide a low-cost, secure, private and cross-platform solution for communication and remote network access.

The EverLink Client establishes a virtual office home page for direct computer-to-computer links between authorized users, verifies passwords and authenticates an EverLink Owner's Certificate before it allows communications. Users connect to EverLink virtual office pages using Web browsers or the system's intuitive interface. To eliminate the danger of interception, all access is peer-to-peer through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) channels. EverLink utilizes X.509 certificates and encryption technologies from RSA(r) to further protect communication.

EverLink LocatorOne lists IP (Internet Protocol) addresses for EverLink users' virtual office home pages. EverLink EntryGuard protects internal networks from unauthorized access while allowing authorized users to communicate securely and privately with specific sites inside the firewall. Unlike other communications products, EverLink EntryGuard does not create an open pathway through an organization's firewall.

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