JDesignerPro 2.32 from BulletProof Corporation (Enhanced Java Development System)
Platforms: Netscape Servers & Browsers, Windows NT, Internet Explorer
Price: contact vendor for price
URL: http://www.bulletproof.com/
JDesignerPro 2.32, with expanded support for Sun's JDBC standard for Java database connectivity. JDesignerPro 2.32 has built-in wizards to facilitate access to all major databases via JDBC. These features give corporate users the capacity to deploy rich Java applications without detailed knowledge of Java. BulletProof has enhanced J DesignerPro's JDBC connectivity to allow faster access to JDBC-compatible databases and to get to third party server applications like KonaSoft's Enterprise Server, Weblogic's T3 and others. Now with built-in support for JDBC in the DataWizard, users can easily connect to their corporate database while gaining the power and flexibility of the JDBC standard.

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