McCabe Visual 2000 version 3.0 from McCabe & Associates (Pinpoints Client/Server Year 2000 risk areas)
Platforms: Solaris, Windows NT, Windows 95.
Price: starts at $50,000
Assesses and pinpoints client/server Year 2000 risk areas. Addresses the Year 2000 crisis as more than a mainframe issue, graphically comparing multiple assessments of inherently complex non-COBOL languages and by providing a direct hook from the assessment to the remediation of the highest risk date paths.

Provides users with a hook from the assessment phase to the remediation phase, eliminating the multiple stages required by other tools. Identifies date field risks in client/server environments and COBOL code by visually highlighting the problem areas, facilitating changes, providing a comprehensive and objective test plan, and monitoring the testing progress. The tool eliminates unnecessary testing, resulting in a significant reduction in testing time and cost.

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