OrbixBuilder from Black & White Software, Inc. (CORBA development environment for Java programmers)
Platforms: Sun, HP, Windows 95 and NT
Price: OrbixBuilder for Symantec Visual Cafe - $1,795 per user. JClass Professional Java Developer's Bundle - $1,799 for bytecode or $2,999 for source.
URL: http://www.blackwhite.com
An advanced CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) development environment for Java programmers. Integrates seamlessly into the latest release of Symantec Visual Cafe as well as Microsoft's Visual C++ and supports the JClass Java Beans from KL Group.

The OrbixBuilder package includes a full copy of Symantec Visual Café 2.5 Professional Development Edition, the OrbixWeb 3.0 Java ORB from Black & White partner IONA Technologies, and Black & White's CORBA-based integrated graphical utilities and automatic code generation. The latest release introduces a configurable code generation feature which allows users to define conventions that suit their own particular coding styles. JClass Java Beans easily plug into the development environment, offering highly functional and easy-to-use components that are readily incorporated into CORBA programs.

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