C2Verilog+Test from CompiLogic Corporation (Option for ANSI C to Verilog compiler)
Platforms: UNIX (SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX); Windows 95/NT
Price: Priced as a $5,000 upgrade on the base C2Verilog system priced at $9,500
URL: http://www.compilogic.com
C2Verilog+Test is a new option for C2Verilog, an ANSI C to Verilog compiler. Accelerates design verification processes in the high level system design of complex Field-Programmable-Gate-Array (FPGA) and Application-Specific-Integrated-Circuit (ASIC) hardware.

C2Verilog+Test extends the capabilities of C2Verilog by allowing hardware design language (HDL) engineers and system architects to automatically generate test benches for Verilog simulation and design verification. Test benches compiled from C language descriptions can be used to verify Verilog designs created manually or compiled by C2Verilog.

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