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Date Headline Source(s)
May 18, 1998 Sun Announces Availability of JavaSafe 1.0 Sun
May 18, 1998 Sun Comments on Dept of Justice/State Attorneys General Suits Filed Against Microsoft Today Sun
May 12, 1998 Sun Unveils Powerful, Free Communication Tool for Networked Audio/Video Playback and Transmission Sun
May 12, 1998 Sun seeks order to include its version of Java in Windows 98 Sun
May 5, 1998 Sun Turns UltraSparc-II Microprocessors Up to 360 MHz Sun
Apr 29, 1998 IBM, Sun partner on decision support Sun
Apr 13, 1998 CIDCO licenses JavaOS for Consumers Sun
Mar 24, 1998 Sun introduces JavaOS for Consumers Sun
Mar 24, 1998 Sun Announces Free Extension for Java WorkShop Sun
Mar 24, 1998 Sun to Deliver Microsoft Windows CE Port of the PersonalJava Platform Sun
Mar 24, 1998 Java Jumpstart Decouples Evolution of Java Virtual Machines from Web Browsers Sun
Mar 24, 1998 Sun to Deliver New Products for Java Application Development Sun
Mar 24, 1998 U.S. District Court Judge Grants Sun Microsystems Preliminary Injunction in Java Technology Case Against Microsoft Sun
Mar 11, 1998 Sun's Zander: Full speed ahead to the network-centric era Sun
Mar 10, 1998 Sun Software Delivers Critical E-commerce Capability to Internet Shopping Network's "First Auction" - a Dynamic, Real-Time, Live-Auction Web Site Sun
Mar 4, 1998 Sun Microsystems Announces Mel Friedman as New president of Sun Microelectronics Sun
Feb 18, 1998 Sun Microsystems Unveils New SPARCEngine CompactPCI Family of Embedded-board Computers Sun
Feb 17, 1998 Web@aGlance Available for Sun Solaris Operating System Sun
Feb 16, 1998 Sun Snaps Up Original VR Patents Sun
Feb 12, 1998 Oracle and Sun Microsystems, Inc. Announce New Powerful Solutions for the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry Sun
Feb 11, 1998 ISO Adopts QuickTime File Format as Starting Point for Developing Key Component of MPEG-4 Specification Sun
Feb 10, 1998 Sun Microsystems Announces Draft Specification of JavaHelp Technology Sun
Feb 4, 1998 U.S. Department of Energy Awards Sun R&D Contract to Achieve TeraFLOPS Scale Systems Sun
Jan 30, 1998 Sun Remains the Number One Workstation Provider Sun
Jan 28, 1998 Sun Introduces the Industry's First Intelligent Storage Server Sun
Jan 26, 1998 Lotus Development Corp. and Sun Microsystems, Inc. AGree to Port Defense Message System Solutions to Solaris Operating Environment Sun
Jan 26, 1998 Sun Microsystems and RealNetworks to Deliver Complete Streaming Media Solutions for the Internet and Corporate Intranets Sun
Jan 26, 1998 Lotus Development and Sun Announce Availability of Integrated Corporate Messaging and Internet Solutions for Lotus/Sun Reseller Channel Sun
Jan 26, 1998 Motorola and Sun Microsystems Join Forces to Develop Embedded Space Sun
Jan 20, 1998 Ericsson and Sun Microsystems Target IP-Based Services Opportunities Sun
Jan 15, 1998 Sun earnings beat Wall Street's expectations Sun
Jan 12, 1998 Sun Premieres Java Cryptography Toolkit Sun
Jan 10, 1998 TCI licenses Sun's PersonalJava for advanced TV set-top boxes Sun
Jan 9, 1998 Visa to Support Sun's Development of Smart Card Microprocessor Architecture Sun
Dec 16, 1997 ENSONIQ's Audio PCI Sound Board Enables Sound for Sun's Ultra AX Motherboards Sun
Dec 16, 1997 Sun to Deliver Enterprise-class Solaris for Intel's Merced Processor Sun
Dec 16, 1997 Intel, Sun to team on chips Sun
Dec 12, 1997 Sun Releases Draft Enterprise JavaBeans Specification for Public Review Sun
Dec 11, 1997 Sun's New Activator Keeps Java Virtual Machines Current Sun
Dec 10, 1997 Sun Details Java Platform Roadmap Sun
Dec 9, 1997 Sun Launches New Web-based Java Dynamic Management Kit for Building Component-based, Self-managed Networks Sun
Dec 9, 1997 Sun Delivers Fast, Reliable Internet/Intranet Access With New Netra Proxy Cache Server Sun
Dec 3, 1997 Java Prototype in Just Two Weeks With New Sun Service Sun
Nov 24, 1997 Sun Microsystems Completes Acquisition of Encore Computer's Storage Business Sun
Nov 19, 1997 Sun Microsystems and OpenTV Team for Next-Generation Digital Set-top Box Design Sun
Nov 18, 1997 Sun contests MS use of Java logo Sun
Nov 17, 1997 Java on wheels Sun
Nov 12, 1997 SunVideo Plus Card Gives Sun Workstation Users the Power to Capture And Compress Real-time Audio and Video Sun
Nov 11, 1997 Sun Announces New HPC Server Clustering Capabilities Supporting Up To 256 Processors Sun
Nov 11, 1997 Sun Charts Enterprise Future for Solaris Sun
Nov 3, 1997 IBM, Lotus, Oracle and Sun Announce Plans for Joint Development of Java-Based Desktop Specification Sun
Oct 31, 1997 Sun "encourages" SGI users to swap Sun
Oct 29, 1997 Sun Microsystems Introduces the Industry's Highest Performance Fibre Channel Storage Array for Mission Critical Environments Sun
Oct 28, 1997 Sun Delivers Java Studio Sun
Oct 27, 1997 Sun and Inktomi Conduct First Large-scale Network Cache Test Sun
Oct 22, 1997 Sun Looks For New OEM Opportunities Sun
Oct 21, 1997 Sun Introduces Java Premium Support Program Sun
Oct 20, 1997 Sun's Solaris Runs Java Applications 50 Percent Faster Than Windows NT Sun
Oct 16, 1997 Sun's earnings disappoint despite record revenues Sun
Oct 16, 1997 Sun's first JavaChip to support C++ code Sun
Oct 8, 1997 Sun Announces Java Control and Automation Framework Sun
Oct 7, 1997 Sun Introduces Sun Enterprise Cluster Solution Sun
Oct 6, 1997 Sun to unveil 600-MHz chip Sun
Sep 30, 1997 Lucent Offers Inferno Operating System With Sun Solaris Software Sun
Sep 24, 1997 Real-Time Operating System Industry Standardizes on PersonalJava, EmbeddedJava Sun
Sep 16, 1997 Sun Announces Availability of Sybase's Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.5 on Sun's Ultra Enterprise Servers Sun
Sep 15, 1997 Sun Announces Consulting Practice for Oracle Applications Sun
Sep 11, 1997 Sun buys Chorus Systems for embedded OS unit, Fujitsu licenses technology Sun
Aug 26, 1997 Sun to Include Netscape's HTML Component with the JDK Sun
Aug 25, 1997 Sun Announces Availability of Peoplesoft 7 on Ultra Enterprise Servers Sun
Aug 25, 1997 Sun Microsystems Completes Acquisition of Diba, Pioneer in Information Appliance Industry Sun
Aug 25, 1997 Sun's JavaEngine 1 Reference Platform Launches OEMs into Thin Client Java Computing Sun
Aug 19, 1997 Sun Ships Aggressively-priced, Solaris Intranet Software Solution Sun
Aug 18, 1997 CADSI Ports Products for Motion and Structure Analysis to Sun Solaris Operating System Sun
Aug 11, 1997 Sun Launches New Suite of Java Testing Tools Sun
Aug 1, 1997 Sun Announces Availability of ICEM Surf 3-D Modeling Program on the Solaris Platform Sun
Jul 31, 1997 Sun to Acquire Information Appliance Pioneer, Diba Sun
Jul 29, 1997 Sun Launches Industry's Most Scalable and Interoperable LDAP-based Global Directory Services Sun
Jul 22, 1997 Siemens signs smart-card Java pact with Sun Sun
Jul 18, 1997 Sun Intranet Operating System To Take On Windows NT Sun
Jul 18, 1997 Sun acquires Encore Computer Sun
Jul 18, 1997 Sun offers Solaris source code Sun
Jul 17, 1997 Sun Reports All Time Record Quarterly and Annual Results Sun
Jul 16, 1997 Sun Solaris Continues to Out Perform Windows NT Sun
Jul 15, 1997 Sun Releases New Version of Trusted Solaris Sun
Jul 8, 1997 Sun and Netscape Offset Developer Release of JFC Sun
Jul 7, 1997 Sun Strengthens Commitment To Its Authorized Resellers Sun
Jul 7, 1997 Sun Announces New Network Administration Certification Sun
Jul 2, 1997 Sun Urges Government to Accelerate Its Efforts to Move Electronic Commerce Forward Sun
Jun 27, 1997 New Java-enabled Solutions From Leading Library Vendors Sun
Jun 26, 1997 Sun Solaris World's Fastest Operating Environment for Java Applications Sun
Jun 24, 1997 Sun Announces Multi-Terabyte Network Computing on Oracle8 with Record-breaking Results for Datawarehousing Benchmark Sun
Jun 24, 1997 Open Market Transact 3.0 Will Be Available On Sun Platforms Sun
Jun 23, 1997 Computer Companies Unveil Framework for Mobile Computing Devices Sun
Jun 18, 1997 Sun Opens Its SunVision Center in Geneva Sun
Jun 18, 1997 Sun Connect ties banks to financial data Sun
Jun 16, 1997 Sun Unveils First Wave of ISVs Shipping for the Java Platform Sun
Jun 9, 1997 Sun's Sparc Solaris Platform Posts Superior Java Benchmarks Sun
Jun 4, 1997 Sun Announces Availability of Scalable, Enterprise-Class Storage Management Software Sun
Jun 3, 1997 Sun Endorses ODMG Database Storage Specification for Java Sun
Jun 2, 1997 Sun Ships Fastest PCI Bus Motherboard to Date, Featuring Intro Pricing on Current Board Models Sun
Jun 2, 1997 Sun Announces 64-bit 300MHz UltraSPARC II Sun
May 29, 1997 Sun and Buzzeo Team on Higher Education Software Development Sun
May 19, 1997 Sun May Evade U.S. Encryption Ban Sun
May 8, 1997 Sun Awarded Two SASS II Contracts Sun
May 6, 1997 Pixar and Sun Microsyststems Create More Powerful Renderfarm for Pixar Animation Studios Sun
Apr 29, 1997 Sun Delivers Ultimate Application Performance With New 300Mhz Ultra Systems Sun
Apr 29, 1997 Sun Microsystems Cuts Prices on Older Workstations Sun
Apr 25, 1997 Sun debuts new Web authoring tool for online publishers Sun
Apr 17, 1997 Sun Reveals Solaris Plans Sun
Apr 15, 1997 Sun Adds LIghtning-Fast Software for Integrated Web-Based BUsiness Computing Sun
Apr 15, 1997 Sun Beats Estimates With Third-Quarter Results Sun
Apr 15, 1997 Sun Seeks To Establish Dial Tone For The Web Sun
Apr 7, 1997 SunExpress Announces Agreement with Cisco Systems Sun
Apr 4, 1997 Sun Wins Environmental Award Sun
Apr 2, 1997 Sun Extends the Power of Java with New APIs Sun
Apr 2, 1997 New JavaBeans Technology on Tap Sun
Apr 2, 1997 Sun Microsystems Announces JavaPC Sun
Apr 2, 1997 Sun Microsystems Introduces Tools for Japanese Developers Sun
Apr 2, 1997 Sun Microsystems Kicks Off J.F.O.X. Software Contest Sun
Apr 2, 1997 Sun's JavaStation Goes to Work at JavaOne Sun
Apr 2, 1997 Sun Announces Java Studio Sun
Apr 2, 1997 Sun Expands Java WorkShop Family Sun
Mar 27, 1997 Sun First to Break 2000 Mark on TPC-D Benchmark Sun
Mar 25, 1997 Sun Chips to Power Scientific-Atlanta's Digital Set-Top Sun
Mar 24, 1997 Sun launches quad-speed Fast Ethernet card Sun
Mar 24, 1997 Sun's Project Studio Technology First Licensed by Novell Sun
Mar 18, 1997 Dr. Eric Schmidt Appointed Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Novell, Inc. Sun
Mar 17, 1997 Sun's New OEM Strategy Results in the Industry's First Single-chip 622-Mbps ATM SAR Available in Volume Sun
Mar 12, 1997 Sun and Adra Announce Industry's First Java-Based PDM Web Client Sun
Mar 12, 1997 Sun Unveils Road Map for Full Moon Clustering Project's Technology Sun
Mar 12, 1997 Sun and LSI Logic Combine Forces to Drive the Embedded Network CPU Market Sun
Mar 11, 1997 Sun Microsystems Announces High-Performance Computing Consortium Sun
Mar 11, 1997 Sun to Ship HotJava Browser 1.0 Sun
Mar 11, 1997 CORBA gains added endorsement from IBM, Sun, Oracle, and Netscape Sun
Mar 7, 1997 MicroAge To Build Sun UltraSPARCs Sun
Mar 5, 1997 Sun Introduces Internet Commerce for Its Japanese Aftermarket CuStomers Sun
Mar 5, 1997 Sun Microsystems, Inc. Ships JavaOS 1.0 to JavaOS Licensees for Inclusion in Licensees' Products Sun
Mar 5, 1997 Sun Solaris Produces Best TPC-C Price/Performance Results for Oracle With Intel-Based Unix Platform Sun
Mar 4, 1997 Sun Microsystems Introduces JavaTel Platform for Java-based CTI Applications Sun
Feb 27, 1997 Sun Microsystems Co-Founder Bill Joy Named to White House Advisory Committee on High-Performance Computing Sun
Feb 24, 1997 Sun Announces "Inside Java WorkShop" Sun
Feb 24, 1997 Sun's Ultra Enterprise 4000 Server Sets New Informix Record For TPC-C Benchmark Sun
Feb 21, 1997 Sun Unveils Digial Media Solution Center Sun
Feb 19, 1997 Sun Microsystems and NRaD Sign CRADA Sun
Feb 18, 1997 Sun's JavaStation Computer Makes 'Network' Debut on "Friends" Sun
Feb 18, 1997 Sun Signs Server Deal WIth Soros Foundations Network to Help Wire Universities and Other Entities in Russia and 29 Additional Countries Sun
Feb 18, 1997 Sun Introduces New Workshop University Edition Sun
Feb 18, 1997 JavaSoft acquires start-up to boost Java virtual machine speed Sun
Feb 11, 1997 JavaOS for ARM RISC chip ships Sun
Feb 3, 1997 Sun serves up Java to telcos Sun
Jan 28, 1997 Sun Ultra Enterprise 10000 Server SHatters TPC-D Performance Record Sun
Jan 22, 1997 Sun Announces Services for High Performance Systems Sun
Jan 22, 1997 Sun Eclipses Competition With Mainframe-class Server Aimed at Corporate Data Centers Sun
Jan 22, 1997 Sun Introduces Scaleable Family of Reliable Storage Solutions for Enterprise Network Computing Environments Sun
Jan 22, 1997 Sun Joins Forces With OpenVision to Bring Enterprise-class Storage Management to the High End Data Center Sun
Jan 22, 1997 Sun and Legato Systems Team to Deliver Enhanced Storage Management Solutions Sun
Jan 16, 1997 The Java Joint Is Jumping in New Orleans Sun
Jan 15, 1997 Sun Microsystems Reports All Time Record Quarterly Results Sun
Jan 13, 1997 Sun Microsystems Widens Lead in UNIX Workstation Market Sun
Jan 13, 1997 Sun Raises the Bar in Complete NFS Server Solutions Sun
Jan 13, 1997 Richter Systems' Web-enabled RAMS 2000 Supports Sun Java Computing Sun
Jan 10, 1997 JavaSoft releases latest version of HotJava browser Sun

Last updated: 27 May 1998