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PC Week Labs
Solaris really shines (Sep 2, 1997): PC Week
PC Wholesale
Sun Inks Private Label SPARC Deals (Sep 17, 1997): Computer Reseller News
Sun licenses NCD network technology (Jun 11, 1997): CNet
Sun To Launch PCI Logo Program Tuesday (Sep 29, 1997): Computer Reseller News
Sun takes on Compaq with workgroup server (Aug 14, 1997): PC Week
Sun to officially unveil Tazmo server line next week (Aug 14, 1997): InfoWorld
Sun fights NT encroachment (Aug 11, 1997): CNet
Innovacom Announces MPEG-2 Encoding Board for Sun Microsystems' New Ultra 30 Workstation (Jul 17, 1997): InnovaCom
Osicom Introduces UltraSPARC Drivers for Sun Microsystems' New Ultra 30 Workstations (Jul 17, 1997): Osicom
Sun To Unveil PCI-Bus Desktops (Jul 10, 1997): CNet, Computer Reseller News
IBM, Netscape, NCI, Sun announce smart-card standard for NCs (Mar 26, 1997): InfoWorld
Innosoft Extends Reach of Its Internet Standards-based Solution to Sun Solaris on Intel (Feb 3, 1997): Innosoft
Paragon Software, Inc.
Paragon Software Announces Release 5.0 of the OAK CORBA Suite for Developing Distributed Applications Using CORBA Technology (Aug 18, 1997): Paragaon Software
Parallax Graphics
Parallax Announces New Digital Video Card for Sun/Solaris PCI Bus Users (Nov 10, 1997): Parallax
Sun Snaps Up Original VR Patents (Feb 16, 1998): Sun, Wired
Peizer, Jonathan
Sun Signs Server Deal WIth Soros Foundations Network to Help Wire Universities and Other Entities in Russia and 29 Additional Countries (Feb 18, 1997): Sun
Pendragon Software
Sun admits Java testing error (Nov 11, 1997): CNet
SunSoft's Solaris Java compiler rigged for benchmark, says Pendragon (Nov 5, 1997): InfoWorld, Pendragon, PC Week
Sun responds to Java accusations (Nov 5, 1997): CNet
Penumbra Software, Inc.
Sun Unveils First Wave of ISVs Shipping for the Java Platform (Jun 16, 1997): Sun
New Sun servers target business use (Apr 29, 1998): CNet
Sun Announces Availability of Peoplesoft 7 on Ultra Enterprise Servers (Aug 25, 1997): Sun
Sun Preparing Fast Java Compiler (Mar 27, 1998): Inter@ctive Week
Sun admits Java testing error (Nov 11, 1997): CNet
SunSoft's Solaris Java compiler rigged for benchmark, says Pendragon (Nov 5, 1997): InfoWorld, Pendragon, PC Week
Sun responds to Java accusations (Nov 5, 1997): CNet
Sun's Solaris Runs Java Applications 50 Percent Faster Than Windows NT (Oct 20, 1997): Sun
Intuitive Systems unveils OptimizeIt v1.03, Java performance tool now running on Solaris and Windows platforms (Oct 20, 1997): Intuitive Systems
Sun to unveil 600-MHz chip (Oct 6, 1997): CNet, InfoWorld, Sun
Sun Solaris Continues to Out Perform Windows NT (Jul 16, 1997): Sun
Sun readies patch for Solaris' speed bump (Jun 27, 1997): PC Week
Sun Solaris World's Fastest Operating Environment for Java Applications (Jun 26, 1997): Sun
Sun Announces Multi-Terabyte Network Computing on Oracle8 with Record-breaking Results for Datawarehousing Benchmark (Jun 24, 1997): Sun
Sun's Sparc Solaris Platform Posts Superior Java Benchmarks (Jun 9, 1997): Sun
Sun First to Break 2000 Mark on TPC-D Benchmark (Mar 27, 1997): Sun
Sun's Ultra Enterprise 4000 Server Sets New Informix Record For TPC-C Benchmark (Feb 24, 1997): Sun
JavaSoft acquires start-up to boost Java virtual machine speed (Feb 18, 1997): CNet, Information Week, InfoWorld, PC Week, Sun
Sun Ultra Enterprise 10000 Server SHatters TPC-D Performance Record (Jan 28, 1997): Sun
Sun Ultra Enterprise Server Scores Highest TPC-C for SMP (Jan 14, 1997):
Personal Java
Sun releases Personal Java 1.0 (Jan 8, 1998): PC Week
Sun to Deliver Microsoft Windows CE Port of the PersonalJava Platform (Mar 24, 1998): Sun
Sun introduces JavaOS for Consumers (Mar 24, 1998): Sun
Sun To Follow WebAccess With Even Smaller Java Browser (Jan 12, 1998): Computer Currents Interactive
TCI licenses Sun's PersonalJava for advanced TV set-top boxes (Jan 10, 1998): InfoWorld, PC Week, Sun
Real-Time Operating System Industry Standardizes on PersonalJava, EmbeddedJava (Sep 24, 1997): Sun
IBM to push Java devices by licensing Sun's PicoJava (Mar 3, 1998): PC Week
Pixar Animation Studios
Pixar and Sun Microsyststems Create More Powerful Renderfarm for Pixar Animation Studios (May 6, 1997): Sun
Polanen, Humphrey
Sun opens security division (Apr 9, 1997): CNet
Post Office Protocol 3 (POP)
Sun brews Java email plan (Oct 2, 1997): CNet
SunSoft takes E-mail offline with IMAP4 (Feb 17, 1997): PC Week
Sun to unveil 600-MHz chip (Oct 6, 1997): CNet, InfoWorld, Sun
Sun To License Intrinsa Testing Too (Aug 1, 1997): Information Week
Net printing standards in the works (Apr 9, 1997): CNet
Coalition makes final crypto offer (May 15, 1998): CNet
Net privacy proposal launched (May 27, 1997): CNet
New security for e-commerce (Sep 30, 1997): CNet
Product Data Management (PDM)
Sun and Adra Announce Industry's First Java-Based PDM Web Client (Mar 12, 1997): Sun
Proxy Server
Sun Delivers Fast, Reliable Internet/Intranet Access With New Netra Proxy Cache Server (Dec 9, 1997): Sun
Publically Available Specification (PAS)
Sun Submits Application to Become JTC 1 PAS Submitter (Mar 17, 1997): Information Week, InfoWorld, PC Week
Fujitsu to license picoJava I core from Sun (Nov 10, 1997): InfoWorld

Last updated: 27 May 1998