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Hot Topics: Java
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Sun Unveils Powerful, Free Communication Tool for Networked Audio/Video Playback and Transmission (May 12, 1998): Sun
SunVideo Plus Card Gives Sun Workstation Users the Power to Capture And Compress Real-time Audio and Video (Nov 12, 1997): Sun
Innovacom Announces MPEG-2 Encoding Board for Sun Microsystems' New Ultra 30 Workstation (Jul 17, 1997): InnovaCom
ISO Adopts QuickTime File Format as Starting Point for Developing Key Component of MPEG-4 Specification (Feb 11, 1998): Sun
Sun, Caltech get into games (Apr 14, 1997): CNet
MacKay, Steve
Sun Unveils Road Map for Full Moon Clustering Project's Technology (Mar 12, 1997): Information Week, InfoWorld, PC Week, Sun
Java WorkShop For Macintosh Delayed (Jan 9, 1997): Information Week
Magaziner, Ira
Sun Urges Government to Accelerate Its Efforts to Move Electronic Commerce Forward (Jul 2, 1997): Sun
Mail API
Sun Brews JavaMail API (Oct 22, 1997): InternetWeek
Management API
Tivoli, Sun Create Macro-Manager (May 26, 1997): Information Week
Sun Connect ties banks to financial data (Jun 18, 1997): PC Week, Sun
Marimba, Inc.
Sun, Caltech get into games (Apr 14, 1997): CNet
Marimba's multicast tools set to ship amid hints of SunSoft deal (Jan 22, 1997): InfoWorld
Maritz, Paul
Did MS Execs document their legal missteps? (May 26, 1998): ZDNN
Market Share
Sun Microsystems Widens Lead in UNIX Workstation Market (Jan 13, 1997): Sun
Marselle, John
Sun Microsystems and NRaD Sign CRADA (Feb 19, 1997): Sun
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sun Microsystems Announces High-Performance Computing Consortium (Mar 11, 1997): Sun
Matrix Web User
Sun and Adra Announce Industry's First Java-Based PDM Web Client (Mar 12, 1997): Sun
McLain, Fred
Sun pays for ActiveX attack (Apr 3, 1997): CNet
McNealy, Scot
McNealy Touts Network Computing Ownership Costs; Blasts Wintel Platform (Jul 16, 1997): Information Week
McNealy, Scott
McNealy Compliments Gates, Is Mum On Netscape (Apr 20, 1998): Computer Reseller News
Sun execs giddy over Java prospects, court victory (Mar 25, 1998): InfoWorld
McNealy: Profits mean Unix lives (Jan 15, 1998): CNet
Sun promises big things for Java, channel (Jan 13, 1998): Sm@rt Reseller
Sun's McNealy Challenges Microsoft, Hypes Solaris (Nov 12, 1997): InternetWeek
Sun's McNealy Made $17.6 Million in Fiscal (Oct 6, 1997): Computer News Daily
Sun exec cools threats to MS (Sep 24, 1997): CNet
Sun's McNealy Blasts Microsoft's Poison (Aug 29, 1997): Computer Reseller News
Sun pays for ActiveX attack (Apr 3, 1997): CNet
McNealy Pushes JavaStations (Mar 5, 1997): Computer Reseller News
MS rivals unified on Java (Feb 21, 1997): CNet, InfoWorld
Sun Microsystems Reports All Time Record Quarterly Results (Jan 15, 1997): Sun, PC Week
Dataram Announces Memory Upgrades for Sun Ultra 60 Workstations (Jan 14, 1998): Dataram
Unix Shake-Out Looms (May 4, 1998): Inter@ctive Week
Siemens Will Work With Sun On IA-64 Unix (Apr 28, 1998): Information Week
Sun fights to keep Unix position (Apr 28, 1998): CNet
Sun-Intel Deal Challenges M'soft Dominance (Dec 17, 1997): Inter@ctive Week
Intel, Sun to team on chips (Dec 16, 1997): CNet, Sun
Sun to Deliver Enterprise-class Solaris for Intel's Merced Processor (Dec 16, 1997): Sun
Sun Mounts Windows NT Assault (Dec 16, 1997): Computer Reseller News
Solaris On Merced (Nov 10, 1997): Information Week
Sun To Get Merced Details (Aug 4, 1997): Computer Reseller News
Merisel Inc.
MOCA To Sell Bundle Of Sybase Solution, Sun Server (Nov 10, 1997): Computer Reseller News
MicroAge Inc.
Sun Inks Private Label SPARC Deals (Sep 17, 1997): Computer Reseller News
MicroAge To Build Sun UltraSPARCs (Mar 7, 1997): Sun
Microsoft Corporation
Did MS Execs document their legal missteps? (May 26, 1998): ZDNN
McNealy Confident Sun Will Prevail Against Microsoft (May 26, 1998): Computer News Daily
Sun Comments on Dept of Justice/State Attorneys General Suits Filed Against Microsoft Today (May 18, 1998): Sun
Sun escalates Java battle: A last gasp for portability? (May 18, 1998): PC Week
Coalition makes final crypto offer (May 15, 1998): CNet
Sun seeks order to include its version of Java in Windows 98 (May 12, 1998): PC Week, Sun
Microsoft Blasts Sun Suit (May 12, 1998): Computer Reseller News
Netscape, Sun Support Workflow Protocol (Apr 14, 1998): Inter@ctive Week
Will Sun Protect Java's Appeal? (Mar 30, 1998): Inter@ctive Week
Sun execs giddy over Java prospects, court victory (Mar 25, 1998): InfoWorld
U.S. District Court Judge Grants Sun Microsystems Preliminary Injunction in Java Technology Case Against Microsoft (Mar 24, 1998): Sun
Microsoft and Sun compete in third-tier architectures (Mar 23, 1998): InfoWorld
Regulators subpoena Sun in MS probe (Mar 16, 1998): CNet
Microsoft wakes up to Java (Mar 11, 1998): CNNfn
JavaStation dream fading (Mar 11, 1998): CNet
Sun explores Microsoft suit (Mar 3, 1998): CNet
Sun, Microsoft trade Java barbs (Feb 27, 1998): CNet
IE 4.0 now in Unix flavors (Feb 24, 1998): CNet
Sun, Microsoft prepare for court battle over Java logo (Feb 23, 1998): InfoWorld
Microsoft counters Java dispute (Feb 6, 1998): CNet
Sun, Microsoft Return To Court For Java Battle (Jan 30, 1998): TechWeb
Microsoft says Unix browser is on schedule (Jan 27, 1998): InfoWorld
Sun, MS: 100 percent pure slugfest (Dec 30, 1997): CNet
Sun confident of strategy (Dec 26, 1997): CNet
Sun Keeps The Pressure On Microsoft (Dec 24, 1997): Sm@rt Reseller
CCIA issues friend of court brief in DOJ-MS case (Nov 21, 1997): CNet
MS: Sun motion mere theatrics (Nov 19, 1997): CNet
Sun contests MS use of Java logo (Nov 18, 1997): CNet, Sun
NT closing in on Unix (Nov 18, 1997): CNet
Sun's McNealy Challenges Microsoft, Hypes Solaris (Nov 12, 1997): InternetWeek
IE 4 makes Unix debut (Nov 5, 1997): CNet
Sun Turns Up Heat On Windows (Nov 1, 1997): Windows Magazine
Analysts: Microsoft countersuit against Sun is no surprise (Oct 28, 1997): Computerworld
Microsoft Countersues Sun For Breach Of Contract (Oct 27, 1997): Information Week
Sun Shows Some Chutzpah (Oct 20, 1997): Computer Reseller News
Weighing the claims in Sun and Microsoft's Java contract (Oct 15, 1997): PC Week
Microsoft, Sun Take Java Dispute Public (Oct 15, 1997): Computer Reseller News
Sun Ups Ante With Microsoft (Oct 15, 1997): Computer Reseller News
Microsoft moves to answer Sun's charges (Oct 14, 1997): InfoWorld
Gates disputes Java suit (Oct 9, 1997): CNet
Sun poking IE for Java compatibility (Oct 6, 1997): CNet, PC Week
Bristol Technology Inc. Announces Wind/U 4.1 (Oct 2, 1997): Bristol Technology
Sun to test IE 4.0 for Java compliance (Sep 30, 1997): PC Week
Crunch time for Sun, Microsoft (Sep 29, 1997): PC Week
Sun's network computer is on the hot seat (Sep 26, 1997): PC Week
Sun exec cools threats to MS (Sep 24, 1997): CNet
Sun's threat: Microsoft could lose Java license (Sep 23, 1997): PC Week
Software AG Ships Solaris DCOM Port (Sep 22, 1997): Information Week
Sun: Microsoft's Java letter was a 'publicity stunt' (Sep 22, 1997): PC Week
SunSoft President To Microsoft: Java Is Already Open (Sep 16, 1997): Information Week
Cylink cuts security deals with Sun, Microsoft (Sep 3, 1997): InfoWorld
Sun's McNealy Blasts Microsoft's Poison (Aug 29, 1997): Computer Reseller News
Microsoft Speaks Out On Sun's Bundling Plans (Aug 19, 1997): Computer Reseller News
Battle brewing between Sun, Microsoft on Java licensing (Aug 15, 1997): InfoWorld
Sun adds capabilities, cuts prices (Aug 12, 1997): CNet
Sun fights NT encroachment (Aug 11, 1997): CNet
Sun taking more direct route to Java on Windows (Aug 11, 1997): PC Week
Microsoft-Apple deal puts Netscape and Sun on the ropes (Aug 7, 1997): InfoWorld
Microsoft, Sun Gird For Appliance Battle (Aug 1, 1997): Computer Reseller News
Sun rolls with the punches on Java (Jul 31, 1997): CNet
Microsoft, Sun, ISO embroiled in standards quarrel (Jul 28, 1997): InfoWorld
Sun's uneasy NT embrace (Jul 25, 1997): CNet
Microsoft's Use of Java Causes Headaches for Sun (Jul 14, 1997): Computer News Daily
IBM, Microsoft, Sun absorb Java efforts (Jul 14, 1997): PC Week
Solaris: Sun's answer to NT (Jun 11, 1997): CNet
Intel, Lucent don't follow Sun (May 5, 1997): CNet
Sun pays for ActiveX attack (Apr 3, 1997): CNet
Microsoft Pact With HP Boosts Windows NT (Mar 19, 1997): Computer News Daily
MS to Ally With HP to Cut Computer Costs (Mar 18, 1997): Computer News Daily, InfoWorld, Microsoft
CORBA gains added endorsement from IBM, Sun, Oracle, and Netscape (Mar 11, 1997): CNet, Information Week, InfoWorld, Sun
Vendors rally behind Netscape's extranet initiative (Mar 10, 1997): Computer News Daily, InfoWorld
Sun Solaris Produces Best TPC-C Price/Performance Results for Oracle With Intel-Based Unix Platform (Mar 5, 1997): Sun
Microsoft, Software AG roll out beta version of DCOM for Sun Solaris (Mar 5, 1997): InfoWorld
MS rivals unified on Java (Feb 21, 1997): CNet, InfoWorld
JDK 1.1 code erupts into war of words between JavaSoft, Microsoft (Feb 20, 1997): CNet, CommunicationsWeek, InfoWorld, PC Week
Sun steps up Pure Java campaign (Feb 5, 1997): CNet
Java-Microsoft feud: No resolution in sight (Jan 13, 1997): PC Week
Java not closer to standardization despite meeting, say observers (Jan 9, 1997): InfoWorld
Mobile Network Computer Reference Specification (MNCRS)
Computer Companies Unveil Framework for Mobile Computing Devices (Jun 23, 1997): Sun
Sun rises in Morocco (Sep 17, 1997): CNet
Motorola Inc.
Motorola and Sun Microsystems Join Forces to Develop Embedded Space (Jan 26, 1998): Sun
On the Horizon: R & D projects at SunLabs (May 8, 1998): PC Magazine
Sun add-on card will turn PCs into Java-enabled NCs (Feb 22, 1997): InfoWorld
Sun Chips to Power Scientific-Atlanta's Digital Set-Top (Mar 25, 1997): Sun
Sun and LSI Logic Combine Forces to Drive the Embedded Network CPU Market (Mar 12, 1997): Computer News Daily, Sun

Last updated: 27 May 1998