Net news central for July 1997

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July 1997
Date Headline Source(s)
Jul 2 Sun Urges Government to Accelerate Its Efforts to Move Electronic Commerce Forward Sun
Jul 7 Softway Bridges the Unix, NT Gap Computer News Daily
Jul 7 Sun Announces New Network Administration Certification Sun
Jul 7 Sun Strengthens Commitment To Its Authorized Resellers Sun
Jul 7 Sun Announcing Developer JFC Release CNet, InfoWorld
Jul 8 Sun Releases Solaris Native Threads Pack Preview Java Spot News
Jul 8 Sun and Netscape Offset Developer Release of JFC Sun, Netscape
Jul 10 Sun To Unveil PCI-Bus Desktops CNet, Computer Reseller News
Jul 12 Sunsoft to unveil workgroup, enterprise modules for Solaris InfoWorld, PC Week
Jul 14 Microsoft's Use of Java Causes Headaches for Sun Computer News Daily
Jul 14 IBM, Microsoft, Sun absorb Java efforts PC Week
Jul 14 Internal Users Don't Like Sun's JavaStation NC, Key Functions Still Missing Information Week
Jul 15 Sun Confident of ISO Approval Computer Reseller News
Jul 15 SunSoft Goes For The Intranet Market Computer Reseller News
Jul 15 Sun Releases New Version of Trusted Solaris Sun
Jul 16 Sun Solaris Continues to Out Perform Windows NT Sun
Jul 16 CA announces Solaris version of Unicenter TNG PC Week
Jul 16 McNealy Touts Network Computing Ownership Costs; Blasts Wintel Platform Information Week
Jul 17 Innovacom Announces MPEG-2 Encoding Board for Sun Microsystems' New Ultra 30 Workstation InnovaCom
Jul 17 Osicom Introduces UltraSPARC Drivers for Sun Microsystems' New Ultra 30 Workstations Osicom
Jul 17 Sun Reports All Time Record Quarterly and Annual Results PC Week, Sun
Jul 18 Sun offers Solaris source code CNet, Sun
Jul 18 Unix still having its day in Sun CNet
Jul 18 Sun acquires Encore Computer CNet, PC Week, Sun
Jul 18 Sun Intranet Operating System To Take On Windows NT CommunicationsWeek, Information Week, Sun
Jul 22 Siemens signs smart-card Java pact with Sun InfoWorld, Sun
Jul 24 Sun jumps on LDAP bandwagon with Sun Directory Services 1.0 InfoWorld, PC Week
Jul 25 Sun's uneasy NT embrace CNet
Jul 28 Tatung unveils pair of Web servers PC Week
Jul 28 SunSoft To Sign Ingram Micro Computer Reseller News
Jul 28 Microsoft, Sun, ISO embroiled in standards quarrel InfoWorld
Jul 29 Sun Launches Industry's Most Scalable and Interoperable LDAP-based Global Directory Services Sun
Jul 31 Sun rolls with the punches on Java CNet
Jul 31 Sun to Acquire Information Appliance Pioneer, Diba CNet, InfoWorld, Sun

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