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Hot Topics: Java
Top Sources: Sun, CNet, InfoWorld, PC Week

Sun one-ups Microsoft with TCI (May 6, 1998): InfoWorld, PC Week
TCI licenses Sun's PersonalJava for advanced TV set-top boxes (Jan 10, 1998): InfoWorld, PC Week, Sun
Sun readies patch for Solaris' speed bump (Jun 27, 1997): PC Week
TME 10
Tivoli, Sun Create Macro-Manager (May 26, 1997): Information Week
TRADE'ex Electronic Commerce Systems, Inc.
TRADE'ex Releases Solaris / Oracle 8 Version of Enterprise E-Commerce Applications (Aug 26, 1997): TRADE'ex
TalentSoft Adds Solaris, Linux Compatibility to Web+ (May 7, 1997): ZD Internet Magasite
SCO embraces Java as it girds against NT (Aug 18, 1997): InfoWorld
Tatung Science & Technology, Inc.
Tatung unveils pair of Web servers (Jul 28, 1997): PC Week
300-MHz workstations from Tatung (Jun 24, 1997): CNet, PC Week
Tatung Science and Technology Inc.
Tatung rolls out TurboSparc entry-level workstation (Feb 19, 1997): InfoWorld, PC Week
Sun to officially unveil Tazmo server line next week (Aug 14, 1997): InfoWorld
Tcl Blend
Sun readies JavaBeans scripting tools (Jan 9, 1998): InfoWorld
Tcl Blend makes for better Java (Jan 5, 1998):
Sun readies JavaBeans scripting tools (Jan 9, 1998): InfoWorld
Tcl Blend makes for better Java (Jan 5, 1998):
Sun to form new division to boost Tcl scripting language (Apr 30, 1997): InfoWorld
Sun Folds SunScript Business Group (Sep 2, 1997): Computer Reseller News
TeamWare Group Ltd.
Fujitsu unveils groupware (Mar 18, 1997): CNet
Telephony API
Sun Microsystems Introduces JavaTel Platform for Java-based CTI Applications (Mar 4, 1997): PC Week, Sun
Sun to provide details on SunReady program (Sep 29, 1997): CNet
Sun Launches New Suite of Java Testing Tools (Aug 11, 1997): Sun
The Open Group
Unix 98 OS Arrives With Much Fanfare (May 16, 1998): TechWeb
Thompson CFS
Sun Snaps Up Original VR Patents (Feb 16, 1998): Sun, Wired
Thought Inc.
Sun Licenses CocoBaseLite for JavaStudio (Apr 2, 1997): CNet, Thought Inc.
Time Warner Cable
Sun Chips to Power Scientific-Atlanta's Digital Set-Top (Mar 25, 1997): Sun
Tivoli Systems
SunSoft, Tivoli Agree To Disagree (Oct 13, 1997): Information Week
Tivoli, Sun Create Macro-Manager (May 26, 1997): Information Week
Sun And Tivoli Deal Falls Apart (May 5, 1997): Information Week
Toshiba Corp.
Sun tries to SKIP the competition (Feb 16, 1998): PC Week
Sun Microsystems Introduces Tools for Japanese Developers (Apr 2, 1997): Sun
Computer Companies Unveil Framework for Mobile Computing Devices (Jun 23, 1997): Sun
Total Entertainment Network
Sun, Caltech get into games (Apr 14, 1997): CNet
TotalNET Advanced Server (TAS)
Syntax Announces Software License Agreement with Sun Microsystems (Feb 10, 1997): Syntax
Syntax Announces Bundling of TotalNET Advanced Server with Solaris 2.6 (Aug 13, 1997): Syntax
Trade Shows
See Computer Telephony Expo
See Web '97
Novell, IBM, Netscape and Sun to Sponsor Global Effort In Delivering Java Education Training (Feb 5, 1997): CNet, Netscape
Open Market Transact 3.0 Will Be Available On Sun Platforms (Jun 24, 1997): Sun
Transaction Processing Performance Council Benchmark C (TPC-C)
Sun Solaris Produces Best TPC-C Price/Performance Results for Oracle With Intel-Based Unix Platform (Mar 5, 1997): Sun
Sun's Ultra Enterprise 4000 Server Sets New Informix Record For TPC-C Benchmark (Feb 24, 1997): Sun
Sun Ultra Enterprise Server Scores Highest TPC-C for SMP (Jan 14, 1997):
Transaction Processing Performance Council Benchmark D (TPC-D)
Sun Announces Multi-Terabyte Network Computing on Oracle8 with Record-breaking Results for Datawarehousing Benchmark (Jun 24, 1997): Sun
Sun First to Break 2000 Mark on TPC-D Benchmark (Mar 27, 1997): Sun
Sun strikes out into high-end technical computing (Mar 4, 1997): InfoWorld
Sun Ultra Enterprise 10000 Server SHatters TPC-D Performance Record (Jan 28, 1997): Sun
Trusted Solaris
Sun Releases New Version of Trusted Solaris (Jul 15, 1997): Sun
Tsu, Dennis
Sun Raises the Bar in Complete NFS Server Solutions (Jan 13, 1997): Sun

Last updated: 27 May 1998