Net news central for January 1998

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January 1998
Date Headline Source(s)
Jan 5 Tcl Blend makes for better Java
Jan 5 Java:Fully compatible by '98? Computer Reseller News
Jan 7 Sun preps low-cost workstations, JavaStations PC Week
Jan 8 Sun releases Personal Java 1.0 PC Week
Jan 9 Sun readies JavaBeans scripting tools InfoWorld
Jan 9 Sun Security Offering To Include Firewall In Solaris Information Week
Jan 9 Sun To Take On NT Machines With Low-End Workstations Information Week
Jan 9 Visa to Support Sun's Development of Smart Card Microprocessor Architecture Sun
Jan 10 TCI licenses Sun's PersonalJava for advanced TV set-top boxes InfoWorld, PC Week, Sun
Jan 12 Sun To Follow WebAccess With Even Smaller Java Browser Computer Currents Interactive
Jan 12 Sun Premieres Java Cryptography Toolkit Sun
Jan 13 Sun promises big things for Java, channel Sm@rt Reseller
Jan 13 Sun selects Netscape for Solaris CNet
Jan 13 Solaris server drops below $4,000 CNet
Jan 13 Sun begins sales on Web CNet
Jan 13 Sun Microsystems and Visigenic Software Transition NEO Customers to Visigenic's ORB Technology Visigenic
Jan 13 Sun Products Top List Of Security Announcements Inter@ctive Week
Jan 14 Dataram Announces Memory Upgrades for Sun Ultra 60 Workstations Dataram
Jan 14 Anatomizing Sun's latest workstation initiative PC Week
Jan 15 Solaris to get networking boost InfoWorld
Jan 15 Sun earnings beat Wall Street's expectations InfoWorld, Sun, TechInvestor
Jan 15 McNealy: Profits mean Unix lives CNet
Jan 19 Java kiosks ready for Super Bowl CNet
Jan 20 Ericsson and Sun Microsystems Target IP-Based Services Opportunities Sun
Jan 22 Netscape jolts software world by unleashing client source code InfoWorld
Jan 22 Sun to enter mainframe storage business PC Week
Jan 26 Netscape Drops Java VM Development Wired
Jan 26 Motorola and Sun Microsystems Join Forces to Develop Embedded Space Sun
Jan 26 Lotus Development and Sun Announce Availability of Integrated Corporate Messaging and Internet Solutions for Lotus/Sun Reseller Channel Sun
Jan 26 Sun Microsystems and RealNetworks to Deliver Complete Streaming Media Solutions for the Internet and Corporate Intranets InfoWorld, Sun
Jan 26 Lotus Development Corp. and Sun Microsystems, Inc. AGree to Port Defense Message System Solutions to Solaris Operating Environment Sun
Jan 27 Microsoft says Unix browser is on schedule InfoWorld
Jan 28 Sun Introduces the Industry's First Intelligent Storage Server Sun
Jan 28 HP passes Sun in workstations CNet
Jan 30 Sun, Microsoft Return To Court For Java Battle TechWeb
Jan 30 Sun Remains the Number One Workstation Provider CNet, Sun

Last updated: 27 May 1998