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Date Headline Source(s)
May 26, 1998 Sun walls off Java: new division to own standards process InfoWorld
May 6, 1998 Sun one-ups Microsoft with TCI InfoWorld
Apr 29, 1998 Sun announces midrange servers, ERP software InfoWorld
Apr 29, 1998 IBM, Sun partner on decision support InfoWorld
Apr 27, 1998 Siemens Nixdorf is banking on Intel's 64-bit chips, Solaris InfoWorld
Apr 22, 1998 Sun Microsystems Reorganizes InfoWorld
Apr 17, 1998 Sun acquisition rumors buoy Netscape stock InfoWorld
Apr 15, 1998 JavaLobby watchdog scrutinizes Sun behavior InfoWorld
Apr 10, 1998 JavaSoft faces competition from freeware InfoWorld
Mar 26, 1998 JavaSoft follows the money, fails to deliver InfoWorld
Mar 25, 1998 Sun execs giddy over Java prospects, court victory InfoWorld
Mar 24, 1998 Sun offered HP EmbeddedJava VM for free InfoWorld
Mar 23, 1998 Microsoft and Sun compete in third-tier architectures InfoWorld
Mar 9, 1998 Sun releases faster-rendering OpenGL kit InfoWorld
Feb 26, 1998 Sun releases Java Foundation Classes InfoWorld
Feb 23, 1998 Sun, Microsoft prepare for court battle over Java logo InfoWorld
Feb 18, 1998 Sun steps up 3-D Java development InfoWorld
Jan 27, 1998 Microsoft says Unix browser is on schedule InfoWorld
Jan 26, 1998 Sun Microsystems and RealNetworks to Deliver Complete Streaming Media Solutions for the Internet and Corporate Intranets InfoWorld
Jan 22, 1998 Netscape jolts software world by unleashing client source code InfoWorld
Jan 15, 1998 Sun earnings beat Wall Street's expectations InfoWorld
Jan 15, 1998 Solaris to get networking boost InfoWorld
Jan 10, 1998 TCI licenses Sun's PersonalJava for advanced TV set-top boxes InfoWorld
Jan 9, 1998 Sun readies JavaBeans scripting tools InfoWorld
Dec 13, 1997 JavaSoft solidifies its middleware strategy InfoWorld
Dec 8, 1997 Sun to showcase the 'new ISVs' at Internet World InfoWorld
Dec 5, 1997 Fujitsu to launch UltraSparc server in U.S. next week InfoWorld
Dec 3, 1997 Sun acquires Sarrus Software InfoWorld
Dec 1, 1997 Sun's Solstice package to offer intelligent network management InfoWorld
Nov 10, 1997 Fujitsu to license picoJava I core from Sun InfoWorld
Nov 10, 1997 Shareholders threaten Sun's Encore acquisition InfoWorld
Nov 5, 1997 SunSoft's Solaris Java compiler rigged for benchmark, says Pendragon InfoWorld
Oct 28, 1997 U.S. rejects Java standard InfoWorld
Oct 16, 1997 Sun's earnings disappoint despite record revenues InfoWorld
Oct 16, 1997 Sun's first JavaChip to support C++ code InfoWorld
Oct 14, 1997 Microsoft moves to answer Sun's charges InfoWorld
Oct 6, 1997 Sun to unveil 600-MHz chip InfoWorld
Sep 22, 1997 Oracle, Sun once again pitch network computing, Java InfoWorld
Sep 15, 1997 Sun rejects request to hand over Java InfoWorld
Sep 11, 1997 Sun asked to cede Java InfoWorld
Sep 3, 1997 Cylink cuts security deals with Sun, Microsoft InfoWorld
Aug 21, 1997 Sun to acquire Integrity Arts to promote JavaCard InfoWorld
Aug 18, 1997 SCO embraces Java as it girds against NT InfoWorld
Aug 15, 1997 Battle brewing between Sun, Microsoft on Java licensing InfoWorld
Aug 14, 1997 Sun to officially unveil Tazmo server line next week InfoWorld
Aug 7, 1997 Microsoft-Apple deal puts Netscape and Sun on the ropes InfoWorld
Aug 4, 1997 NCR turns to Sun Solaris InfoWorld
Jul 31, 1997 Sun to Acquire Information Appliance Pioneer, Diba InfoWorld
Jul 28, 1997 Microsoft, Sun, ISO embroiled in standards quarrel InfoWorld
Jul 24, 1997 Sun jumps on LDAP bandwagon with Sun Directory Services 1.0 InfoWorld
Jul 22, 1997 Siemens signs smart-card Java pact with Sun InfoWorld
Jul 12, 1997 Sunsoft to unveil workgroup, enterprise modules for Solaris InfoWorld
Jul 7, 1997 Sun Announcing Developer JFC Release InfoWorld
Jun 10, 1997 IBM, Netscape, Oracle and Sun Unite to Bring CORBA and JavaBeans Together InfoWorld
Apr 30, 1997 Sun to form new division to boost Tcl scripting language InfoWorld
Apr 25, 1997 Sun debuts new Web authoring tool for online publishers InfoWorld
Apr 25, 1997 Headline: Sun may offer Java Beans galore in online store InfoWorld
Apr 2, 1997 Lucent, Sun sign deal to fuel Inferno with Java InfoWorld
Apr 2, 1997 Sun adds new detail to its JavaStation NC plans InfoWorld
Apr 2, 1997 New JavaBeans Technology on Tap InfoWorld
Mar 26, 1997 IBM, Netscape, NCI, Sun announce smart-card standard for NCs InfoWorld
Mar 24, 1997 Sun launches quad-speed Fast Ethernet card InfoWorld
Mar 24, 1997 Novell rides NDS into the burgeoning anti-Microsoft coalition InfoWorld
Mar 19, 1997 Sun's Zander touts Java for electronic-commerce applications InfoWorld
Mar 18, 1997 MS to Ally With HP to Cut Computer Costs InfoWorld
Mar 17, 1997 Sun Submits Application to Become JTC 1 PAS Submitter InfoWorld
Mar 12, 1997 Sun Unveils Road Map for Full Moon Clustering Project's Technology InfoWorld
Mar 11, 1997 CORBA gains added endorsement from IBM, Sun, Oracle, and Netscape InfoWorld
Mar 10, 1997 Vendors rally behind Netscape's extranet initiative InfoWorld
Mar 5, 1997 Microsoft, Software AG roll out beta version of DCOM for Sun Solaris InfoWorld
Mar 5, 1997 Sun Microsystems, Inc. Ships JavaOS 1.0 to JavaOS Licensees for Inclusion in Licensees' Products InfoWorld
Mar 4, 1997 Sun strikes out into high-end technical computing InfoWorld
Feb 22, 1997 Sun add-on card will turn PCs into Java-enabled NCs InfoWorld
Feb 21, 1997 MS rivals unified on Java InfoWorld
Feb 20, 1997 JDK 1.1 code erupts into war of words between JavaSoft, Microsoft InfoWorld
Feb 19, 1997 Sun chief rallies developers for Pure Java InfoWorld
Feb 19, 1997 Tatung rolls out TurboSparc entry-level workstation InfoWorld
Feb 18, 1997 JavaSoft acquires start-up to boost Java virtual machine speed InfoWorld
Feb 11, 1997 JavaOS for ARM RISC chip ships InfoWorld
Feb 10, 1997 JavaSoft has a new lease on life for DOS PCs InfoWorld
Feb 5, 1997 Java SDK 1.1 expected to ship by mid-February InfoWorld
Feb 4, 1997 Sun releases Internet WorkShop tool, upgrades NEO middleware InfoWorld
Feb 1, 1997 Sun ponders merging Java Beans, OpenDoc to take on ActiveX InfoWorld
Jan 22, 1997 Marimba's multicast tools set to ship amid hints of SunSoft deal InfoWorld
Jan 10, 1997 JavaSoft releases latest version of HotJava browser InfoWorld
Jan 9, 1997 Java not closer to standardization despite meeting, say observers InfoWorld

Last updated: 27 May 1998