Net news central for August 1997

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August 1997
Date Headline Source(s)
Aug 1 Sun To License Intrinsa Testing Too Information Week
Aug 1 Sun Announces Availability of ICEM Surf 3-D Modeling Program on the Solaris Platform Sun
Aug 1 Microsoft, Sun Gird For Appliance Battle Computer Reseller News
Aug 4 NCR turns to Sun Solaris CNet, NCR, InfoWorld
Aug 4 Sun gives help to Solaris CNet
Aug 4 Sun To Get Merced Details Computer Reseller News
Aug 6 Sun Says No More JavaSoft Computer Reseller News
Aug 7 Microsoft-Apple deal puts Netscape and Sun on the ropes InfoWorld
Aug 11 Sun fights NT encroachment CNet
Aug 11 Sun licenses SunTest Java tools to IBM CNet
Aug 11 Sun taking more direct route to Java on Windows PC Week
Aug 11 Sun Launches New Suite of Java Testing Tools Sun
Aug 12 Sun adds capabilities, cuts prices CNet
Aug 13 Syntax Announces Bundling of TotalNET Advanced Server with Solaris 2.6 Syntax
Aug 14 Sun takes on Compaq with workgroup server PC Week
Aug 14 Sun Forms Alliance With JetForm Computer Reseller News
Aug 14 Sun to officially unveil Tazmo server line next week InfoWorld
Aug 15 Battle brewing between Sun, Microsoft on Java licensing InfoWorld
Aug 18 SCO embraces Java as it girds against NT InfoWorld
Aug 18 CADSI Ports Products for Motion and Structure Analysis to Sun Solaris Operating System Sun
Aug 18 Elvis crypto has not left the building CNet
Aug 18 Paragon Software Announces Release 5.0 of the OAK CORBA Suite for Developing Distributed Applications Using CORBA Technology Paragaon Software
Aug 19 Sun Ships Aggressively-priced, Solaris Intranet Software Solution Sun
Aug 19 Netscape and Sun Team Up on Solution Suites for New Sun Enterprise 450 Server Netscape
Aug 19 Microsoft Speaks Out On Sun's Bundling Plans Computer Reseller News
Aug 21 Sybase To Bundle Query And Reporting Software With Sun's Workgroup Server Information Week
Aug 21 Sun to acquire Integrity Arts to promote JavaCard InfoWorld
Aug 22 Sun Acquires Smart Card Company For Java Development Inter@ctive Week
Aug 25 Oblix announces Intrapower Suite 2.0 CNet
Aug 25 Sun takes aim at NT PC Week
Aug 25 Sun, IBM, Netscape to back single Java run-time PC Week
Aug 25 Sun's JavaEngine 1 Reference Platform Launches OEMs into Thin Client Java Computing Sun
Aug 25 Sun Microsystems Completes Acquisition of Diba, Pioneer in Information Appliance Industry Sun
Aug 25 Sun Announces Availability of Peoplesoft 7 on Ultra Enterprise Servers Sun
Aug 26 Sun to Include Netscape's HTML Component with the JDK Sun
Aug 26 TRADE'ex Releases Solaris / Oracle 8 Version of Enterprise E-Commerce Applications TRADE'ex
Aug 27 Sun Snags Two JavaStation Accounts Information Week
Aug 29 Sun's McNealy Blasts Microsoft's Poison Computer Reseller News

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