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LAN Media Corporation Announces
LAN Media Corporation Announces Low Cost T3 Connectivity for PCI based Systems (May 5, 1998): LAN Media
LSI Logic Corp.
Sun and LSI Logic Combine Forces to Drive the Embedded Network CPU Market (Mar 12, 1997): Computer News Daily, Sun
Land Attack
Bug threatens Net software (Dec 4, 1997): CNet
Lanier, Jaron
Sun Snaps Up Original VR Patents (Feb 16, 1998): Sun, Wired
Analysts: Microsoft countersuit against Sun is no surprise (Oct 28, 1997): Computerworld
Microsoft Countersues Sun For Breach Of Contract (Oct 27, 1997): Information Week
Leading Market Technologies
LMT Announces EXPO/Econometrics (Apr 28, 1997): LMT
Legato Systems, Inc.
Sun and Legato Systems Team to Deliver Enhanced Storage Management Solutions (Jan 22, 1997): Sun
Lehman, Michael
Sun Microsystems Reports All Time Record Quarterly Results (Jan 15, 1997): Sun, PC Week
New Java-enabled Solutions From Leading Library Vendors (Jun 27, 1997): Sun
Battle brewing between Sun, Microsoft on Java licensing (Aug 15, 1997): InfoWorld
Sun's Project Studio Technology First Licensed by Novell (Mar 24, 1997): Sun
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
Sun brews Java email plan (Oct 2, 1997): CNet
Sun Launches Industry's Most Scalable and Interoperable LDAP-based Global Directory Services (Jul 29, 1997): Sun
Sun's uneasy NT embrace (Jul 25, 1997): CNet
Sun jumps on LDAP bandwagon with Sun Directory Services 1.0 (Jul 24, 1997): InfoWorld, PC Week
Vendors rally behind Netscape's extranet initiative (Mar 10, 1997): Computer News Daily, InfoWorld
Linux International
Sun Backs Linux Group (May 22, 1998):, TechWeb
Sun Backs Linux Group (May 22, 1998):, TechWeb
NT and UNIX: Irresistible Force vs. Immovable Object (Apr 20, 1998): Datapro
No Unix unity for now (Mar 10, 1998): CNet
JDK 1.1b1 for Sparc Linux Available (Jun 18, 1997): Blackdown
MS: Sun motion mere theatrics (Nov 19, 1997): CNet
LongView Technologies
JavaSoft acquires start-up to boost Java virtual machine speed (Feb 18, 1997): CNet, Information Week, InfoWorld, PC Week, Sun
Lotus Development Corporation
Netscape, Sun Support Workflow Protocol (Apr 14, 1998): Inter@ctive Week
Lotus Development and Sun Announce Availability of Integrated Corporate Messaging and Internet Solutions for Lotus/Sun Reseller Channel (Jan 26, 1998): Sun
Lotus Development Corp. and Sun Microsystems, Inc. AGree to Port Defense Message System Solutions to Solaris Operating Environment (Jan 26, 1998): Sun
Java:Fully compatible by '98? (Jan 5, 1998): Computer Reseller News
IBM, Lotus, Oracle and Sun Announce Plans for Joint Development of Java-Based Desktop Specification (Nov 3, 1997): Sun
Computer Companies Unveil Framework for Mobile Computing Devices (Jun 23, 1997): Sun
New JavaBeans Technology on Tap (Apr 2, 1997): InfoWorld, Sun
Vendors rally behind Netscape's extranet initiative (Mar 10, 1997): Computer News Daily, InfoWorld
Sun, Lotus to link Domino with Solaris OS (Jan 27, 1997): PC Week
Sun, Lotus to link Domino with Solaris OS (Jan 27, 1997): PC Week
Lucent Technologies
Beware the dormant Inferno (May 11, 1998): Sydney Morning Herald
Lucent Offers Inferno Operating System With Sun Solaris Software (Sep 30, 1997): Sun
Real-Time Operating System Industry Standardizes on PersonalJava, EmbeddedJava (Sep 24, 1997): Sun
Intel, Lucent don't follow Sun (May 5, 1997): CNet
Lucent, Sun sign deal to fuel Inferno with Java (Apr 2, 1997): InfoWorld

Last updated: 27 May 1998