Net news central for September 1997

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September 1997
Date Headline Source(s)
Sep 2 Solaris really shines PC Week
Sep 2 Sun Folds SunScript Business Group Computer Reseller News
Sep 3 Cylink cuts security deals with Sun, Microsoft InfoWorld
Sep 8 RS/6000s Not Likely To Displace HP, Sun InternetWeek
Sep 10 Sun acquires French developer, establishes Embedded Software unit PC Week
Sep 10 IBM, Sun all SET for commerce
Sep 11 Sun asked to cede Java CNet, InfoWorld
Sep 11 Sun to post Java Workshop 2.0 and enable Bean building PC Week
Sep 11 Sun buys Chorus Systems for embedded OS unit, Fujitsu licenses technology, Sun
Sep 12 UltraSPARC-based 'mobile station' to debut PC Week
Sep 15 New Sun NCs, software on way CNet
Sep 15 Sun Announces Consulting Practice for Oracle Applications Sun
Sep 15 Sun rejects request to hand over Java InfoWorld
Sep 16 Sun Announces Availability of Sybase's Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.5 on Sun's Ultra Enterprise Servers Sun
Sep 16 SunSoft President To Microsoft: Java Is Already Open Information Week
Sep 17 Sun rises in Morocco CNet
Sep 17 Sun Inks Private Label SPARC Deals Computer Reseller News
Sep 22 Software AG Ships Solaris DCOM Port Information Week
Sep 22 Oracle, Sun once again pitch network computing, Java InfoWorld
Sep 22 Sun: Microsoft's Java letter was a 'publicity stunt' PC Week
Sep 22 Sun's Not Bowing in Standards Battle Wired
Sep 23 Sun's threat: Microsoft could lose Java license PC Week
Sep 24 Sun's Zander Touts 100 Percent Pure Java Computer Reseller News
Sep 24 Sun exec cools threats to MS CNet
Sep 24 Real-Time Operating System Industry Standardizes on PersonalJava, EmbeddedJava Sun
Sep 26 Sun's network computer is on the hot seat PC Week
Sep 29 Sun to provide details on SunReady program CNet
Sep 29 Crunch time for Sun, Microsoft PC Week
Sep 29 NCR and Sun to Expand Server Offerings Internet Week
Sep 29 Sun To Launch PCI Logo Program Tuesday Computer Reseller News
Sep 30 Sun Launches Next Step In Full Moon Computer Reseller News
Sep 30 New security for e-commerce CNet
Sep 30 Sun to test IE 4.0 for Java compliance PC Week
Sep 30 Lucent Offers Inferno Operating System With Sun Solaris Software Sun

Last updated: 27 May 1998