Net news central for November 1997

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November 1997
Date Headline Source(s)
Nov 1 An NT Alternative? Windows Magazine
Nov 1 Sun Turns Up Heat On Windows Windows Magazine
Nov 3 Sun To Provide Clustering For Ultra HPC Servers Information Week
Nov 3 IBM, Lotus, Oracle and Sun Announce Plans for Joint Development of Java-Based Desktop Specification Sun
Nov 5 SunSoft's Solaris Java compiler rigged for benchmark, says Pendragon InfoWorld, Pendragon, PC Week
Nov 5 Sun responds to Java accusations CNet
Nov 5 IE 4 makes Unix debut CNet
Nov 6 Sun, DG Introduce Enhancements To Their Multiprocessing Servers InternetWeek
Nov 10 Catch-22: Sun has been riding the Java wave, but will it come crashing down on its hardware business? PC Week
Nov 10 Shareholders threaten Sun's Encore acquisition InfoWorld
Nov 10 Fujitsu to license picoJava I core from Sun InfoWorld
Nov 10 MOCA To Sell Bundle Of Sybase Solution, Sun Server Computer Reseller News
Nov 10 Solaris On Merced Information Week
Nov 10 Sun to debut embedded Java division -- Tools strategy to be exposed, Enterprise JavaBeans to come Computer Reseller News
Nov 10 Parallax Announces New Digital Video Card for Sun/Solaris PCI Bus Users Parallax
Nov 11 Sun admits Java testing error CNet
Nov 11 Sun beams on network computing CNet
Nov 11 Sun Charts Enterprise Future for Solaris Sun
Nov 11 Sun Announces New HPC Server Clustering Capabilities Supporting Up To 256 Processors Sun
Nov 11 The release of Zeus Web Server v3.0 Zeus Technology
Nov 12 SunVideo Plus Card Gives Sun Workstation Users the Power to Capture And Compress Real-time Audio and Video Sun
Nov 12 SunSoft to port middleware to NT PC Week
Nov 12 Sun's McNealy Challenges Microsoft, Hypes Solaris InternetWeek
Nov 12 Sun To Add Java With Brio Enterprise Tools Information Week
Nov 14 Sun's JavaStations delayed yet again ZD Net News
Nov 17 Java on wheels CNet, Sun
Nov 17 Sun wins Java ISO approval CNet,
Nov 17 Sun unveils new JavaBeans-based authoring tool Computer Reseller News
Nov 18 Sun contests MS use of Java logo CNet, Sun
Nov 18 NT closing in on Unix CNet
Nov 19 MS: Sun motion mere theatrics CNet
Nov 19 Sun Microsystems and OpenTV Team for Next-Generation Digital Set-top Box Design Sun
Nov 20 Sun Lobbies China Wired
Nov 21 CCIA issues friend of court brief in DOJ-MS case CNet
Nov 24 EMC Expanding Fibre Support to Sun, HP InternetWeek
Nov 24 Sun Microsystems Completes Acquisition of Encore Computer's Storage Business Sun

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