Net news central for March 1997

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Hot Topics: Java
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March 1997
Date Headline Source(s)
Mar 4 Sun strikes out into high-end technical computing InfoWorld
Mar 4 Sun Microsystems Introduces JavaTel Platform for Java-based CTI Applications PC Week, Sun
Mar 5 Sun Solaris Produces Best TPC-C Price/Performance Results for Oracle With Intel-Based Unix Platform Sun
Mar 5 Sun Microsystems, Inc. Ships JavaOS 1.0 to JavaOS Licensees for Inclusion in Licensees' Products InfoWorld, PC Week, Sun
Mar 5 Sun Introduces Internet Commerce for Its Japanese Aftermarket CuStomers Sun
Mar 5 Microsoft, Software AG roll out beta version of DCOM for Sun Solaris InfoWorld
Mar 5 Sun Microelectronics eyes way to upgrade Wintel PCs for Java PC Week
Mar 5 McNealy Pushes JavaStations Computer Reseller News
Mar 5 Sun To Debut High-Performance Servers Information Week
Mar 7 MicroAge To Build Sun UltraSPARCs Sun
Mar 10 Vendors rally behind Netscape's extranet initiative Computer News Daily, InfoWorld
Mar 10 Sun expands Ultra Server line with HPCs PC Week, Wired
Mar 11 CORBA gains added endorsement from IBM, Sun, Oracle, and Netscape CNet, Information Week, InfoWorld, Sun
Mar 11 Sun to Ship HotJava Browser 1.0 Sun
Mar 11 Sun Microsystems Announces High-Performance Computing Consortium Sun
Mar 12 Sun and LSI Logic Combine Forces to Drive the Embedded Network CPU Market Computer News Daily, Sun
Mar 12 Sun Unveils Road Map for Full Moon Clustering Project's Technology Information Week, InfoWorld, PC Week, Sun
Mar 12 Sun and Adra Announce Industry's First Java-Based PDM Web Client Sun
Mar 17 Sun's New OEM Strategy Results in the Industry's First Single-chip 622-Mbps ATM SAR Available in Volume Sun
Mar 17 Sun Submits Application to Become JTC 1 PAS Submitter Information Week, InfoWorld, PC Week
Mar 17 Sun may cede some Java control CNet
Mar 18 MS to Ally With HP to Cut Computer Costs Computer News Daily, InfoWorld, Microsoft
Mar 18 Dr. Eric Schmidt Appointed Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Novell, Inc. Sun
Mar 18 Fujitsu unveils groupware CNet
Mar 19 Sun's Zander touts Java for electronic-commerce applications InfoWorld
Mar 19 Microsoft Pact With HP Boosts Windows NT Computer News Daily
Mar 21 Sun To Announce JavaStudio Programming Tool Information Week
Mar 24 Sun's Project Studio Technology First Licensed by Novell Sun
Mar 24 Novell rides NDS into the burgeoning anti-Microsoft coalition InfoWorld
Mar 24 Sun launches quad-speed Fast Ethernet card InfoWorld, Sun
Mar 25 Sun Chips to Power Scientific-Atlanta's Digital Set-Top Sun
Mar 26 IBM, Netscape, NCI, Sun announce smart-card standard for NCs InfoWorld
Mar 27 Sun First to Break 2000 Mark on TPC-D Benchmark Sun

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