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PC Week
Date Headline Source(s)
May 21, 1998 Sun's 64-bit Solaris enters beta PC Week
May 18, 1998 Sun escalates Java battle: A last gasp for portability? PC Week
May 18, 1998 Sun: HP walks 'funny line' with Java PC Week
May 12, 1998 Sun seeks order to include its version of Java in Windows 98 PC Week
May 6, 1998 Sun one-ups Microsoft with TCI PC Week
Apr 30, 1998 IBM, Sun strengthen business intelligence ties PC Week
Apr 20, 1998 Major reorganization on tap at Sun PC Week
Mar 30, 1998 Sun, IBM may scuttle plans for new JavaOS PC Week
Mar 27, 1998 Sun licenses Java to Sony PC Week
Mar 9, 1998 Sun to announce Java application server next week PC Week
Mar 4, 1998 Sun's JavaStation set to take the stage PC Week
Mar 3, 1998 Sun cuts tool prices PC Week
Mar 3, 1998 IBM to push Java devices by licensing Sun's PicoJava PC Week
Feb 27, 1998 New Sun Micro hardware chief named PC Week
Feb 20, 1998 Sun to unveil new entry-level servers PC Week
Feb 16, 1998 Sun tries to SKIP the competition PC Week
Feb 16, 1998 Users to get Java JumpStart PC Week
Feb 6, 1998 Will Sun continue to rise? PC Week
Jan 22, 1998 Sun to enter mainframe storage business PC Week
Jan 14, 1998 Anatomizing Sun's latest workstation initiative PC Week
Jan 10, 1998 TCI licenses Sun's PersonalJava for advanced TV set-top boxes PC Week
Jan 8, 1998 Sun releases Personal Java 1.0 PC Week
Jan 7, 1998 Sun preps low-cost workstations, JavaStations PC Week
Dec 15, 1997 Sun's product plans alarm Java licensees PC Week
Dec 3, 1997 Sun to unveil new tools for network management initiative PC Week
Dec 3, 1997 Sun gives Java a 'Jolt' PC Week
Nov 12, 1997 SunSoft to port middleware to NT PC Week
Nov 10, 1997 Catch-22: Sun has been riding the Java wave, but will it come crashing down on its hardware business? PC Week
Nov 5, 1997 SunSoft's Solaris Java compiler rigged for benchmark, says Pendragon PC Week
Oct 29, 1997 Sun Microsystems Introduces the Industry's Highest Performance Fibre Channel Storage Array for Mission Critical Environments PC Week
Oct 16, 1997 Sun's earnings disappoint despite record revenues PC Week
Oct 15, 1997 Weighing the claims in Sun and Microsoft's Java contract PC Week
Oct 6, 1997 Sun poking IE for Java compatibility PC Week
Sep 30, 1997 Sun to test IE 4.0 for Java compliance PC Week
Sep 29, 1997 Crunch time for Sun, Microsoft PC Week
Sep 26, 1997 Sun's network computer is on the hot seat PC Week
Sep 23, 1997 Sun's threat: Microsoft could lose Java license PC Week
Sep 22, 1997 Sun: Microsoft's Java letter was a 'publicity stunt' PC Week
Sep 12, 1997 UltraSPARC-based 'mobile station' to debut PC Week
Sep 11, 1997 Sun to post Java Workshop 2.0 and enable Bean building PC Week
Sep 10, 1997 Sun acquires French developer, establishes Embedded Software unit PC Week
Sep 2, 1997 Solaris really shines PC Week
Aug 25, 1997 Sun, IBM, Netscape to back single Java run-time PC Week
Aug 25, 1997 Sun takes aim at NT PC Week
Aug 14, 1997 Sun takes on Compaq with workgroup server PC Week
Aug 11, 1997 Sun taking more direct route to Java on Windows PC Week
Jul 28, 1997 Tatung unveils pair of Web servers PC Week
Jul 24, 1997 Sun jumps on LDAP bandwagon with Sun Directory Services 1.0 PC Week
Jul 18, 1997 Sun acquires Encore Computer PC Week
Jul 17, 1997 Sun Reports All Time Record Quarterly and Annual Results PC Week
Jul 16, 1997 CA announces Solaris version of Unicenter TNG PC Week
Jul 14, 1997 IBM, Microsoft, Sun absorb Java efforts PC Week
Jul 12, 1997 Sunsoft to unveil workgroup, enterprise modules for Solaris PC Week
Jun 27, 1997 Sun readies patch for Solaris' speed bump PC Week
Jun 24, 1997 300-MHz workstations from Tatung PC Week
Jun 18, 1997 Sun Connect ties banks to financial data PC Week
Jun 16, 1997 Sun to bring Java server to Solaris PC Week
May 12, 1997 DCOM-to-Unix ports on the way PC Week
Apr 21, 1997 SunSoft plan: OS modularity PC Week
Apr 7, 1997 Symbios Logic and Sun Push Fibre Channel Ahead PC Week
Mar 17, 1997 Sun Submits Application to Become JTC 1 PAS Submitter PC Week
Mar 12, 1997 Sun Unveils Road Map for Full Moon Clustering Project's Technology PC Week
Mar 10, 1997 Sun expands Ultra Server line with HPCs PC Week
Mar 5, 1997 Sun Microelectronics eyes way to upgrade Wintel PCs for Java PC Week
Mar 5, 1997 Sun Microsystems, Inc. Ships JavaOS 1.0 to JavaOS Licensees for Inclusion in Licensees' Products PC Week
Mar 4, 1997 Sun Microsystems Introduces JavaTel Platform for Java-based CTI Applications PC Week
Feb 20, 1997 JDK 1.1 code erupts into war of words between JavaSoft, Microsoft PC Week
Feb 19, 1997 Tatung rolls out TurboSparc entry-level workstation PC Week
Feb 18, 1997 JavaSoft acquires start-up to boost Java virtual machine speed PC Week
Feb 17, 1997 SunSoft takes E-mail offline with IMAP4 PC Week
Feb 10, 1997 JavaSoft has a new lease on life for DOS PCs PC Week
Jan 30, 1997 IBM, Sun to host Java seminar PC Week
Jan 27, 1997 Sun, Lotus to link Domino with Solaris OS PC Week
Jan 22, 1997 Sun brings Java OS to storage PC Week
Jan 15, 1997 Sun Microsystems Reports All Time Record Quarterly Results PC Week
Jan 14, 1997 Sun releases new developer tools PC Week
Jan 13, 1997 Sybase's Java-based database tool enters beta PC Week
Jan 13, 1997 Java-Microsoft feud: No resolution in sight PC Week

Last updated: 27 May 1998