Net news central for March 1998

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Hot Topics: Java
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March 1998
Date Headline Source(s)
Mar 3 IBM to push Java devices by licensing Sun's PicoJava PC Week
Mar 3 Sun explores Microsoft suit CNet
Mar 3 Sun cuts tool prices PC Week
Mar 4 Sun Microsystems Announces Mel Friedman as New president of Sun Microelectronics Sun
Mar 4 Sun's JavaStation set to take the stage PC Week
Mar 9 Sun to announce Java application server next week PC Week
Mar 9 Sun Battles Compaq-Digital Windows NT Tandem Computer Reseller News
Mar 9 Sun releases faster-rendering OpenGL kit InfoWorld
Mar 10 No Unix unity for now CNet
Mar 10 Sun Software Delivers Critical E-commerce Capability to Internet Shopping Network's "First Auction" - a Dynamic, Real-Time, Live-Auction Web Site Sun
Mar 11 Microsoft wakes up to Java CNNfn
Mar 11 Sun's Zander: Full speed ahead to the network-centric era Sun
Mar 11 JavaStation dream fading CNet
Mar 12 Sun's Zander: All You Need Is Bandwidth InternetWeek
Mar 13 Sun Enters Server Space InternetWeek
Mar 16 Regulators subpoena Sun in MS probe CNet
Mar 17 Activerse Releases Ding! for Unix Web Developer
Mar 18 Sun Sacks Employees For Modem Security Breaches TechWeb
Mar 18 Sun taking on 3D in Java CNet
Mar 22 Sun Casts Windows In New Light TechWeb
Mar 23 Microsoft and Sun compete in third-tier architectures InfoWorld
Mar 23 HP, Sun do legal dance over Java CNet
Mar 24 U.S. District Court Judge Grants Sun Microsystems Preliminary Injunction in Java Technology Case Against Microsoft Sun
Mar 24 Sun to Deliver New Products for Java Application Development Sun
Mar 24 Java Jumpstart Decouples Evolution of Java Virtual Machines from Web Browsers Sun
Mar 24 Sun to Deliver Microsoft Windows CE Port of the PersonalJava Platform Sun
Mar 24 Sun Announces Free Extension for Java WorkShop Sun
Mar 24 Sun introduces JavaOS for Consumers Sun
Mar 24 GraphOn Releases GO-Joe Version 2.0 GraphOn
Mar 24 Sun offered HP EmbeddedJava VM for free InfoWorld
Mar 25 IBM, Sun Support Java Developers Alliance Web Developer
Mar 25 Sun execs giddy over Java prospects, court victory InfoWorld
Mar 26 Sun sticking to Java software CNet
Mar 26 Sun Takes Consumer Tack With New OS Wired
Mar 26 JavaSoft follows the money, fails to deliver InfoWorld
Mar 27 Sun Preparing Fast Java Compiler Inter@ctive Week
Mar 27 Sun licenses Java to Sony PC Week
Mar 30 Will Sun Protect Java's Appeal? Inter@ctive Week
Mar 30 Sun, IBM may scuttle plans for new JavaOS PC Week
Mar 30 HP: "Give-Back" Clause Led to Rift With Sun Inter@ctive Investor

Last updated: 27 May 1998