Net news central for April 1997

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Hot Topics: Java
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April 1997
Date Headline Source(s)
Apr 2 Sun and Netscape to Jointly Develop Java Foundation Classes CommunicationsWeek, Netscape
Apr 2 Sun Expands Java WorkShop Family Sun
Apr 2 Sun Announces Java Studio Sun
Apr 2 Sun's JavaStation Goes to Work at JavaOne Sun
Apr 2 Sun Microsystems Kicks Off J.F.O.X. Software Contest Sun
Apr 2 Sun Microsystems Introduces Tools for Japanese Developers Sun
Apr 2 Sun Microsystems Announces JavaPC Sun
Apr 2 New JavaBeans Technology on Tap InfoWorld, Sun
Apr 2 Sun Extends the Power of Java with New APIs Sun
Apr 2 Sun adds new detail to its JavaStation NC plans InfoWorld
Apr 2 Lucent, Sun sign deal to fuel Inferno with Java InfoWorld
Apr 2 Sun Licenses CocoBaseLite for JavaStudio CNet, Thought Inc.
Apr 2 Imperial Software Technology and Sun Extend Software Development Alliance for Three Years Imperial Software Technology
Apr 3 Sun pays for ActiveX attack CNet
Apr 4 Sun Wins Environmental Award Sun
Apr 7 SunExpress Announces Agreement with Cisco Systems Sun
Apr 7 Symbios Logic and Sun Push Fibre Channel Ahead PC Week
Apr 8 Veritas Ships NFS Edition 3.0: Turns Sun Servers Into Highest Performance, Most Cost Effective NFS Solution Available Veritas
Apr 9 Server SET for e-commerce CNet
Apr 9 Net printing standards in the works CNet
Apr 9 Sun opens security division CNet
Apr 10 Sun Security Products To Embrace NT Information Week
Apr 10 Sun-Newton talks reported CNet
Apr 14 Sun, Caltech get into games CNet
Apr 15 Sun Seeks To Establish Dial Tone For The Web Information Week, Sun
Apr 15 Sun Beats Estimates With Third-Quarter Results CNet, Information Week, Sun
Apr 15 Sun Adds LIghtning-Fast Software for Integrated Web-Based BUsiness Computing Sun
Apr 16 Sun Introduces Beans Development Kit And Java Web Server CNet, Information Week
Apr 16 Sun deal for Newton appears cloudy
Apr 17 Sun Reveals Solaris Plans CommunicationsWeek, Sun
Apr 21 SunSoft plan: OS modularity PC Week
Apr 24 Sun Targets Financial Services With Java Group Information Week
Apr 25 Headline: Sun may offer Java Beans galore in online store InfoWorld
Apr 25 Sun debuts new Web authoring tool for online publishers InfoWorld, Sun
Apr 28 Sun formally enters gigabit race CNet, Information Week
Apr 28 LMT Announces EXPO/Econometrics LMT
Apr 29 Sun Microsystems Cuts Prices on Older Workstations Computer News Daily, Sun
Apr 29 Sun Delivers Ultimate Application Performance With New 300Mhz Ultra Systems Sun
Apr 30 Sun to form new division to boost Tcl scripting language InfoWorld
Apr 30 Sun to Add Newest Netscape SuiteSpot Products to Popular Netra Internet Server Bundles Netscape

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