Net news central for October 1997

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Hot Topics: Java
Top Sources: Sun, CNet, InfoWorld, PC Week

October 1997
Date Headline Source(s)
Oct 2 Bristol Technology Inc. Announces Wind/U 4.1 Bristol Technology
Oct 2 Sun brews Java email plan CNet
Oct 2 Sun's Top Scientist Attacks Key Recovery TechWeb
Oct 6 Sun to unveil 600-MHz chip CNet, InfoWorld, Sun
Oct 6 Sun's McNealy Made $17.6 Million in Fiscal Computer News Daily
Oct 6 JavaStations implemented in Australia CNet
Oct 6 Sun poking IE for Java compatibility CNet, PC Week
Oct 7 Sun Introduces Sun Enterprise Cluster Solution Sun
Oct 8 Sun Announces Java Control and Automation Framework Sun
Oct 9 Sun's Highly Scalable Internet Mail Server Computer Currents Interactive
Oct 9 Gates disputes Java suit CNet
Oct 13 SunSoft, Tivoli Agree To Disagree Information Week
Oct 14 Microsoft moves to answer Sun's charges InfoWorld
Oct 15 SunSoft Tackles Solstice's Middle-of-the-Road Image VARBusiness
Oct 15 Weighing the claims in Sun and Microsoft's Java contract PC Week
Oct 15 Microsoft, Sun Take Java Dispute Public Computer Reseller News
Oct 15 Sun Ups Ante With Microsoft Computer Reseller News
Oct 16 Sun's first JavaChip to support C++ code InfoWorld, Sun
Oct 16 Sun's earnings disappoint despite record revenues CNet, InfoWorld, PC Week, Sun
Oct 20 Sun Shows Some Chutzpah Computer Reseller News
Oct 20 Sun exports pure Java initiative CNet
Oct 20 Sun's Solaris Runs Java Applications 50 Percent Faster Than Windows NT Sun
Oct 20 Intuitive Systems unveils OptimizeIt v1.03, Java performance tool now running on Solaris and Windows platforms Intuitive Systems
Oct 21 Sun Introduces Java Premium Support Program Sun
Oct 22 Sun Brews JavaMail API InternetWeek
Oct 22 Sun Looks For New OEM Opportunities Sun
Oct 22 Sun Is Set To Debut New Netra Servers Servers InternetWeeek
Oct 27 Microsoft Countersues Sun For Breach Of Contract Information Week
Oct 27 Sun and Inktomi Conduct First Large-scale Network Cache Test Sun
Oct 28 Sun Delivers Java Studio Information Week, Sun
Oct 28 U.S. rejects Java standard InfoWorld, CNet
Oct 28 Analysts: Microsoft countersuit against Sun is no surprise Computerworld
Oct 29 Sun Microsystems Introduces the Industry's Highest Performance Fibre Channel Storage Array for Mission Critical Environments Sun, PC Week
Oct 30 Sun Courts IMA For Catalyst Program Computer Reseller News
Oct 31 Sun "encourages" SGI users to swap CNet, Sun

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