Net news central for April 1998

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Hot Topics: Java
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April 1998
Date Headline Source(s)
Apr 1 IBM, Sun To Jointly Develop Java OS Inter@ctive Week
Apr 6 Sun Hardware President Outlines Strategy TechWeb
Apr 7 Sun Steps Up Bid To Reclaim Desktop TechWeb
Apr 7 Sun feels pressure in NCs and Java CNet
Apr 7 SilverStream Software, Inc. Ships 1.5 SilverStream
Apr 9 Sun, HP Vague on Java Talks Wired
Apr 9 Sun, Fujitsu Sign Solaris Deal TechWeb
Apr 10 JavaSoft faces competition from freeware InfoWorld
Apr 13 CIDCO licenses JavaOS for Consumers Sun
Apr 14 Netscape, Sun Support Workflow Protocol Inter@ctive Week
Apr 15 JavaLobby watchdog scrutinizes Sun behavior InfoWorld
Apr 16 Sun Hits Target in Third Quarter Inter@ctive Investor
Apr 17 Sun acquisition rumors buoy Netscape stock InfoWorld
Apr 20 Sun to ship Java Plug-in CNet
Apr 20 McNealy Compliments Gates, Is Mum On Netscape Computer Reseller News
Apr 20 Major reorganization on tap at Sun PC Week
Apr 20 NT and UNIX: Irresistible Force vs. Immovable Object Datapro
Apr 21 Sun Extends 100% Pure Java Program to JavaBeans Components Java Spot News
Apr 22 Sun Microsystems Reorganizes InfoWorld, TechInvestor
Apr 23 Strange But True: Java-based NCs on Intel Chips Wired
Apr 27 Siemens Nixdorf is banking on Intel's 64-bit chips, Solaris InfoWorld
Apr 28 Siemens Will Work With Sun On IA-64 Unix Information Week
Apr 28 Sun fights to keep Unix position CNet
Apr 29 IBM, Sun partner on decision support InfoWorld, Sun
Apr 29 Sun announces midrange servers, ERP software InfoWorld
Apr 29 New Sun servers target business use CNet
Apr 30 IBM, Sun strengthen business intelligence ties PC Week

Last updated: 27 May 1998