Net news central for May 1998

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May 1998
Date Headline Source(s)
May 4 Sun cuts prices, unveils new chip CNet
May 4 Unix Shake-Out Looms Inter@ctive Week
May 5 Sun Turns UltraSparc-II Microprocessors Up to 360 MHz Sun
May 5 LAN Media Corporation Announces Low Cost T3 Connectivity for PCI based Systems LAN Media
May 6 Sun one-ups Microsoft with TCI InfoWorld, PC Week
May 8 On the Horizon: R & D projects at SunLabs PC Magazine
May 8 WTi Introduces Ultra PCI Workstation and Server Solutions WTi
May 11 Beware the dormant Inferno Sydney Morning Herald
May 12 Sun seeks order to include its version of Java in Windows 98 PC Week, Sun
May 12 Microsoft Blasts Sun Suit Computer Reseller News
May 12 Sun Unveils Powerful, Free Communication Tool for Networked Audio/Video Playback and Transmission Sun
May 15 Coalition makes final crypto offer CNet
May 16 Unix 98 OS Arrives With Much Fanfare TechWeb
May 18 Sun Comments on Dept of Justice/State Attorneys General Suits Filed Against Microsoft Today Sun
May 18 Sun: HP walks 'funny line' with Java PC Week
May 18 Sun escalates Java battle: A last gasp for portability? PC Week
May 18 Sun Announces Availability of JavaSafe 1.0 Sun
May 19 Sun tests 64-bit Solaris CNet
May 19 Sun aims Java at big business CNet
May 21 Sun's 64-bit Solaris enters beta PC Week
May 22 Sun Backs Linux Group, TechWeb
May 25 Sun hurt by economic woes in Southeast Asia Reuters
May 26 Sun walls off Java: new division to own standards process InfoWorld
May 26 Did MS Execs document their legal missteps? ZDNN
May 26 McNealy Confident Sun Will Prevail Against Microsoft Computer News Daily
May 26 Sun seeds Java in Singapore CNet

Last updated: 27 May 1998