Net news central for June 1997

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Hot Topics: Java
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June 1997
Date Headline Source(s)
Jun 2 Sun Announces 64-bit 300MHz UltraSPARC II Sun
Jun 2 Sun Ships Fastest PCI Bus Motherboard to Date, Featuring Intro Pricing on Current Board Models Sun
Jun 3 Sun Endorses ODMG Database Storage Specification for Java Sun
Jun 4 Sun Announces Availability of Scalable, Enterprise-Class Storage Management Software Sun
Jun 5 Sun loses round in Java fight CNet
Jun 5 Sun has agenda with Java server CNet
Jun 9 Sun's Sparc Solaris Platform Posts Superior Java Benchmarks Sun
Jun 10 IBM, Netscape, Oracle and Sun Unite to Bring CORBA and JavaBeans Together InfoWorld, Netscape
Jun 11 Sun licenses NCD network technology CNet
Jun 11 Sun Readies Web-Enhanced Operating System Inter@ctive Week
Jun 11 Solaris: Sun's answer to NT CNet
Jun 12 JavaStation sales delayed CNet
Jun 16 Sun Unveils First Wave of ISVs Shipping for the Java Platform Sun
Jun 16 Sun to bring Java server to Solaris PC Week
Jun 18 Sun Connect ties banks to financial data PC Week, Sun
Jun 18 Sun Opens Its SunVision Center in Geneva CNet, Sun
Jun 18 JDK 1.1b1 for Sparc Linux Available Blackdown
Jun 23 Computer Companies Unveil Framework for Mobile Computing Devices Sun
Jun 23 Sun downplays Java bug CNet
Jun 24 300-MHz workstations from Tatung CNet, PC Week
Jun 24 Open Market Transact 3.0 Will Be Available On Sun Platforms Sun
Jun 24 Sun Announces Multi-Terabyte Network Computing on Oracle8 with Record-breaking Results for Datawarehousing Benchmark Sun
Jun 25 Connect launches OneServer CNet
Jun 26 Sun Solaris World's Fastest Operating Environment for Java Applications Sun
Jun 27 Sun readies patch for Solaris' speed bump PC Week
Jun 27 New Java-enabled Solutions From Leading Library Vendors Sun

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