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SunWorld SunWorld July 1999  
IDG's magazine  
for the Unix community  
Help! My career's at a crossroads! Warning: Disk error detection How to find plug-in content for your Web site

 Tech Expertise

Plugin content for your Web site
Add value to your site with external content -- here's what to consider before you partner up. By R. Allen Wyke

 Performance Q&A
Disk error detection
What tools can warn you about disk failure automatically -- and efficiently -- before your disks fail? By Adrian Cockcroft

 Inside Solaris
It's time to wake up!
The intricacies of sleep and wakeup in Solaris. By Jim Mauro

 IT Architect
How to design your Web site for availability
Follow these guideline to help make your Web site as reliable and secure as possible. By Steve Casper

 Wizard's Guide to Security
The human side of computer security
How does social engineering compromise Internet security? By Carole Fennelly

 Pete's Super Systems
The return of the cluster
How to construct your cluster configuration. By Peter Baer Galvin

Storage beyond RAID
Differentiating network-attached storage and storage area networks. By Rawn Shah

 Unix 101
Go to the end of the line
How to convert your Word and DOS docs to Unix. By Mo Budlong


Lighting up LDAP
A beginner's guide to directory development. By Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz

Getting to know the Solaris filesystem, Part 3
How is file data cached? Interactions between the filesystem cache and the virtual memory system explained. By Richard McDougall

Watching your systems in realtime
What tools can you use and how do they work? By Dr. Blair Zajac

RAID basics, Part 2: Moving on to RAID 3 and RAID 5
How is parity used and what are the performance concerns involved? By Chuck Musciano


SunSpots: The latest tidbits on Sun deals and product news
Sun's 37 percent profit gain in Q4. Sun radiant over Jini magic in mobile networks. Barksdale joins Sun's board. (3 stories posted)

Eye on the Competition: Up-to-the-minute news on Sun's rivals
Red Hat introduces Linux E-Commerce Server. SuSE launches latest Linux release. Linux shows growth in server appliances. (11 stories posted)

New Product Briefs (July 26, 1999)
RemoteSHADOW disaster-recovery goes Solaris; DirectoryPortal combines the power of LDAP and XML; Sun boosts UltraAXi boards; Easy Access Server 3.0 handles NT network services; Sun, HP integrate SyMON and OpenView IT; and more. Also see New Product Briefs for the weeks of July 5, July 12, and July 16. By Kane Scarlett

Internet Files: News on the latest Internet standards and struggles
Bright Light to offer free spam protection. FTC says Net privacy legislation not needed -- yet. Leading Net businesses launch lobby group. 15 new firms approved to sell Net addresses. (8 stories posted)

Directory forum launched with open standard pledge
Focus will be on advancing open directories based on LDAP. (July 7, 1999) By Nancy Weil, IDG News Service

Apache Group forms foundation to eye development
Charter will include financial and legal support for development community. (June 30, 1999) By Dorte Toft, IDG News Service

Global effort to push IPv6
What benefits will the new Net protocol bring? (June 29, 1999) By James Niccolai, IDG News Service


 Career Advisor
Database administration vs. security
Help! Which way should I go? By Edgar Saadi

 Regular Expressions
Serious programming doesn't have to be difficult
Scripting for the enterprise. Plus, the July 15 installment: Putting different computer languages together for better results. By Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz

 Silicon Carny
A busy computer is a happy computer
Give your computer(s) a hobby! By Rich Morin

 Bill's Bookshelf
Infomediaries help consumers rule online
Who will control the data? By Bill Rosenblatt


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