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SunWorld Events Calendar

A resource of conferences, expos, and events

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September 13-17
NetWorld+Interop '99
Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA

Almost 1,000 developers from 20 countries will come together and share how they really do world-class, data-driven Web sites. Microsoft will send several development teams to interact with the community and gather information on how best to improve its products.

Database developer Scott Eriksson, who has developed applications for General Motors and Coopers and Lybrand, will present "Liven Up Your Web Site by Using ASP," while network analyst and software engineer Jeff Niblack, will present "Advanced Data Access Techniques fo the Web Developer." Other presentations include, "Building ASP Web Sites with English Query Interface," "Ad-hoc Reporting Using ASP," "Advanced Techniques for SQL Server 7.x," and more.

This is the third in the ASP DevCon series -- previous summits have been held in Denver and San Diego. Full details are provided at the Web site above.


November 7-12, 1999
LISA '99
Washington State Convention and Trade Center, Seattle, WA

LISA '99 will focus heavily on tutorials, with this year's sessions including the latest in sysadmin tools, case studies of innovative solutions to daunting problems, and a look at future approaches to systems administration. Also included are the latest on DNS and BIND, and a hot "bake-off" featuring gurus in Tcl, Perl, and Python battling to write the "best" code in answer to several challenges.

Opening remarks and a keynote presentation will be given by Joe Ruga, IBM Global Services Division at Boeing North American ("Getting the Space Shuttle Ready to Fly"). Further talks include: "Deep Space BIND," Paul Vixie, Internet Software Consortium; "The Four-Star Approach to Network Management," Jeff R. Allen, WebTV Networks Inc. and David Williamson, Global Networking and Computing, Inc.; and "Microsoft's Internal Deployment of Windows 2000," Curt Cummings, Microsoft, Information Technology Group.

See the Web site above for complete conference and exhibition details.

November 15-19, 1999
Comdex Fall '99
Las Vegas, NV

Whether you're a developer, technology professional, corporate manager, or channel professional, Comdex '99's custom programs are sure to have something to interest you. There will also be more than 110 in-depth sessions, tutorials, clinics and special programs, over 1,100 exhibitor booths, plus awards and special programs.

Keynote addresses by: Bill Gates, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft Corporation ("Windows: Empowering Individuals in the Next Millennium"); Carly Fiorina, President and Chief Executive Officer, Hewlett-Packard; Nobuyuki Idei, President and CEO, Sony Corporation; Linus Torvalds, Founder, Linux Operating System; John Chamber, President and CEO, Cisco Systems; and more.

See the Web site above for complete conference and exhibition details.

January 2000

January 16-20, 2000
RSA Conference 2000
San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA

This year's RSA Conference consists of four main components: General Sessions (keynote addresses, expert panels, and discussions of general interest); Expo (over 200 vendors demonstrating the latest data security products); Tutorials (training sessions that will provide the basics of cyrpto technology, enterprise security, and network security development techniques); and Class Tracks (Analysts' Cryptographers, Developers, Implementors, New Products, RSA tools, and Standards).

On hand will be decision makers and vendors from business, government, academia, Wall Street, and the media, plus more than 120 break-out sessions on topics ranging from the latest in cutting-edge cryptographic research to the most current implementations of enterprise security and secure electronic commerce.

See the Web site above for complete conference and exhibition details.

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