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SunWorld SunWorld September 1999  
IDG's magazine  
for the Unix community  
Shell programming: The power of #!? A guide to LDAP servers How to get DSL hooked up at home

 Tech Expertise

Is XML changing the future of Web publishing?
How XML is becoming the new standard for building and managing content. By R. Allen Wyke

 Inside Solaris
Kernel synchronization primitives
Multiprocessor systems can be built around one of several different parallel architectures. Here's a quick look at some of the choices, and how Solaris keeps things synchronized on multiprocessor systems. By Jim Mauro

 IT Architect
The emergence of workflow management in enterprise-class business solutions
What will workflow management mean to your system architecture? By Mike Conger

 Pete's Super Systems
Stop your fire-fighting
Stop fighting fires and start preventing them. By Peter Baer Galvin

Installing DSL in your home office
Rawn shares his personal account of what it takes to make it happen. By Rawn Shah

 Unix 101
Tips on good shell programming practices
What #! really does. By Mo Budlong


Lighting up LDAP: A programmer's guide to directory development, Part 2
How to choose an LDAP server. By Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz

Viewing your network in realtime
An examination of network monitoring protocols and tools. By Dr. Blair Zajac

RAID basics, Part 4: Uniting systems and storage
Learn how to connect your new RAID system to your servers. By Chuck Musciano


A report from the Open Source Convention
Perl 3.0 meets Python (and Linux and Tcl...). (September 1, 1999) By Vicki Brown

SunSpots: The latest tidbits on Sun deals and product news
Sun to offer Star Division applications for free. (1 story posted)

New Product Briefs (September 1, 1999)
Sun's new RDK advances CompactPCI-based networks; Telltale 2.0 sets new standards for OLAP applications; BRICKHouse provides secure Linux-based Web server; Sophos Anti-Virus allows cross-platform protection; and more. By Nike Mikes and Dusan Palka


 Career Advisor
Transitions: Relocation and internal moves
How can I successfully relocate? And how can I transfer within my IS organization without creating bad blood? By Edgar Saadi

 Regular Expressions
Xanadu from the wilderness
Scripting takes hypertext and games to the limits. By Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz

 Silicon Carny
Crème de la crème
Rich's favorite books to add to your technical library. By Rich Morin

 Bill's Bookshelf
A million stories in the naked Valley
Po Bronson probes the soul of Silicon Valley from the bottom up. By Bill Rosenblatt


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