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September 1999
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New Product Briefs (September 1, 1999)

Attention vendors: Here's how to get your products mentioned in SunWorld

By Nike Mikes and Dusan Palka


Perforce 99.1 SCM software enhances collaboration across multiple platforms

Perforce Software announced the release of Perforce 99.1, its latest system configuration management (SCM) software. This new version offers enhancements that give users greater control over the entire configuration management environment.

Perforce 99.1 contains data-compression capability in its application programming interface that enables the graphical user interface to run two to four times faster than previously possible over slow network connections.

Perforce helps software development teams manage large, complex development projects across multiple OS platforms, including Sun's Solaris. A client-side compression option speeds data transfer by as much as 10 times over the basic file transfer protocol.

A Perforce single-user license is $600.

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FastStor 22 DLT autoloader improves information management, admin overhead

Advanced Digital Information Corp. (ADIC) released FastStor 22, a DLT autoloader with increased capacity. FastStor 22 improves information management, increases data security, and reduces administrative overhead.

The 22-tape FastStor 22 can store more than 1.5 terabytes of data at normal 2:1 compression. The autoloader lets sites back up data at up to 600 MB per minute and retain a full month of data in the library. The tape library is based on the architecture of the ADIC FastStor seven-tape DLT tape autoloader.

FastStor 22 comes with a choice of DLT4000 or DLT7000 drives in a compact case, which can either sit on a desktop or be rack-mounted into five vertical units in standard 19-inch systems.

Features include:

FastStor 22 works with all major backup software packages and open-system platforms including Solaris.

Pricing for a basic version with a DLT4000 drive starts at $7,995.

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Rapid Development Kit improves development of CompactPCI-based networks

Sun has introduced its new CompactPCI Rapid Development Kit (RDK), which will enable engineering teams to design and evaluate next-generation carrier-grade applications using Sun's high-availability CompactPCI technology.

The kit consists of a CompactPCI chassis carrying either a SPARCengine CP 1500 or CP 1400 CompactPCI motherboard and a rear I/O transition card. The kit is preloaded with the Solaris 7.0.

The RDK is fully integrated, and offers extra slots for evaluation of third-party voice cards for voice-signal switching and processing.

The kit comes with a limited one-year warranty on the hardware. Options include either a standard CompactPCI backplane or H.110 backplane, and a 2 MB CompactPCI graphics card.

RDK pricing starts at $5,621.

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Telltale 2.0 sets new standards in analyzing OLAP applications and database usage

Painted Word's Telltale 2.0 is a new OLAP usage analysis application that helps managers and IT executives analyze their applications and databases more quickly and thoroughly, enabling them to better understand user activity.

Managers can quickly perform high-level analysis based on transaction and application log file information. This provides views of key metrics in a variety of forms, including interactive summary graphs and tables.

Telltale currently supports IBM DB2 OLAP, Hyperion, and ShowCase Strategy.

Telltale 2.0 uses the Mocha Blend framework, and is supported across a variety of platforms, including Windows 9x/NT, Solaris, AIX, and Mac OS.

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SAGE announces revolutionary Linux-based Web server

The SAGE (Systems Advisory Group Enterprises Inc.) BRICKHouse Web server offers process-based security (PBS) with email, HTTP, FTP, and custom remote administration. This Linux server is specially designed to protect Web sites from unwanted hackers and damaging viruses.

BRICKHouse's new PBS feature is an unprecedented approach to security, in which access to resources is based on the processes running and not the user.

PBS was designed based on the premise that people don't delete files; rather, processes do. Currently, in user-based systems, security is designed to give access to resources based on an identified user.

Additional benefits to BRICKHouse include:

Pricing for BRICKHouse starts at $2,795; the product is available September 1999.

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Sun and Exodus team to accelerate time-to-market for small businesses

Sun and Exodus will bundle a ready-to-install, scalable Web-hosting solution with integration, implementation, maintenance, 24/7 consultation, and support provided through Exodus Internet Data Centers.

The cost-effective service provider solution is targeted at small- and medium-sized application service providers, Internet service providers, and start-up companies. Sun and Exodus will help these companies initiate, expand, and upgrade their Internet presence. The package will also enable such businesses to meet standard base requirements for business initiation and scaling, including DNS, POP, and NNTP.

Sun will provide Netra t1, Sun Enterprise 250, and Sun Enterprise 450 servers running Solaris.

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Antique Xanadu source code released

During the recent O'Reilly Open Source Conference, Ted Nelson released the source code to Xanadu, the ever-in-search-of-completion hypertext system.

The source code was released under the X11 license.

Also see this month's Regular Expressions column for more on Xanadu.

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Sophos Anti-Virus provides cross-platform protection in a unique integrated product

Sophos Inc. has released Sophos Anti-Virus for a variety of Unix flavors, including Linux and Solaris.

The Unix implementation of Sophos Anti-Virus includes Sophos's SAVI API, which allows developers to integrate with the Sophos Anti-Virus interface. This ability provides increased speed when used with Unix-based gateway products, such as firewalls and email scanners.

Sophos Anti-Virus supports AIX for RS6000, FreeBSD, Linux, UnixWare, Solaris on SPARC, Solaris on Intel, and other Unix platforms.

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