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SunWorld editorial calendar

NOTE: This editorial calendar is subject to change without notice.

SunWorld ( is IDG's monthly Web-only magazine for system administrators, developers, and enterprise managers, offering in-depth coverage of the latest Unix-related products, industry news, and market strategies.

Features Each monthly issue includes a variety of feature articles. Topics range from corporate profiles and IT architecture planning and implementation strategies to product comparisons and how-to tutorials. Subject areas for 1999 might include Unix/Windows NT integration, Unix network managment, enterprise backup options, Solaris systems administration, system optimization, capacity planning, and Unix workstation and server product overviews.

News and Views The latest -- mostly Unix/Sun-related -- industry news, updated daily. Includes SunSpots (tidbits on Sun deals and product news), Eye on the Competition (news about Sun's rivals), and The Internet Files (news on Internet standards and struggles) sections.

Views columns Career Advisor by Edgar Saadi
Regular Expressions by Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz
Bill's Bookshelf by Bill Rosenblatt
Silicon Carny by Rich Morin

Letters to the Editor Readers get the opportunity to express their opinions on articles, ask questions of authors, and get their questions answered. Send your comments on any stories to

New Products Listings are updated weekly. Please send press releases and press kits to or 501 Second Street, San Francisco, CA 94107. (Please do not telephone to ask if we've received your press release.)

Tech Expertise columns Connectivity by Rawn Shah
Inside Solaris by Jim Mauro
Jiniology by Bill Venners
Performance Q&A by Adrian Cockcroft
IT Architect by Kara Kapczynski
Pete's Systems by Peter Galvin
Security: Wizard's Guide to Security by Carole Fennelly
Webmaster by R. Allen Wyke
Unix 101 by Mo Budlong

sunWHERE Your launchpad to hundreds of Web pages of interest to Sun users. Includes hardware and software makers, FAQs, security archives, professional organizations, and much more.

SunWorld Site Index Why search when you can find. This topical index will help you quickly locate stories of interest in SunWorld and Advanced Systems magazine.

SunWorld Career Central This career service gives IT professionals who have software development, programming, and systems analysis experience the opportunity to register their career profiles confidentially and for free! Best of all, Career Central users are alerted through e-mail of job opportunities that match their skills and interests.

SunWorld FAQ Answers to the most frequently asked questions about our magazine.

Article submission
If you are interested in proposing an article idea to SunWorld, please see our Writer Guidelines at

Additional information for PR people
SunWorld is a monthly Web-only magazine covering SPARC and Solaris-related products and technologies. If it runs on SPARC or Solaris, or connects to SPARC or Solaris, our readers may be interested in your client's product. If it does not work with SPARC or Solaris, then our readers probably aren't interested. (We offer a more detailed manifesto of our likes and dislikes in a related document found at

Press tours
For press tours or vendor meetings please contact Editor-in-Chief Carolyn Wong at 415-267-4518 or by e-mail.

Back issues
Check out our archive of past SunWorld issues listed by month, feature articles, or columns.

Subscribing to SunWorld
Subscribe to SunWorld and receive weekly e-mail alerts informing you of new stories on the site. It's free.

Advertising information
Contact Steve Drace, vice president of sales and marketing and associate publisher, at 415-267-4527 or by e-mail.

Other information
For general information contact Shalece Booker, business operations assistant, at 415-267-4519 or by e-mail.

If you are reading this on paper, the information might be obsolete. See for the latest revision. Contact Steve Drace for advertising information.

Contact Carolyn Wong for more information about any editorial issues.

See the SunWorld masthead for additional contacts at

For information about IDG/Web Publishing Inc.'s other Web-only publications see Go to the IDG Online Network for links to top stories from IDG publications like InfoWorld, PC World, and Computerworld at

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