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  • DataBlaster 2 (fast mainframe to enterprise servers data movement)
  • EMASS Storage Manager (enterprise storage solutions)
  • LightPulse LP7000E (Fibre Channel PCI host adapter)
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  • BayCenter 3.0 CIS (Customer Interaction Software)
  • Merchant Engine 2.0 (E-commerce solution for Sun Solaris environment)
  • ShopSite v3.3 (online store creation and management)
  • SiteScope 3.0 (web server monitoring and administration tools)
  • StarBurst OmniCast (Guaranteed delivery of file to many locations)
  • Tango Enterprise 3.1 (Web application development tool)
  • Visual EIS for Jasmine (point and click development for business analysts for rapid development)
  • WebEvent 3.04 (Web calendar program)
  • XaCCT 2.1 (billing system for Network Service Providers)
  • XPrism Pro (interactive 2D and 3D plotting tool)

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