SiteScope 3.0 from Freshwater Software, Inc. (web server monitoring and administration tools)
Platforms: Solaris, IRIX, Windows NT
Price: $1,295
Web site administration product capable of verifying that multi-page on-line transactions are working properly. Beginning at the first web page the on-line customer sees, SiteScope completes an actual transaction, screen by screen, including entering passwords and other required data. Support for 128 bit encryption means that SiteScope can confirm that even the most secure transactions are working properly. In the event of a failure, SiteScope 3.0 can automatically initiate a repair action, such as restarting a hung process or rebooting a server, and notify the web administrator that such an event has occurred. For problems that require human intervention, SiteScope 3.0 can notify the person responsible for that particular area via e-mail or pager. It can also communicate directly with an enterprise management system via SNMP traps.

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