XaCCT 2.1 from XaCCT Technologies (billing system for Network Service Providers)
Platforms: Solaris
Price: Pricing starts at $4,000
URL: http://www.xacct.com
The XaCCT system produces billing and accounting for TCP/IP networks automatically. Corporations, ISPs, and telecommunications companies can now monitor network traffic precisely with XaCCT and use built-in metering capabilities to measure and bill the costs for network services fairly to the end-users based on elements like distance, time and bandwidth requirements.

XaCCT treats network sessions much like phone calls, using parameters such as IP addresses, user names, profit center names, application types, session duration, and information about session content. Not only is that information useful to the service provider, but it can also benefit the end-users, helping them understand their activities and actual impacts on the total communications stream; identify and evaluate patterns; and choose ways to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and optimize their investment in network services.

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