ShopSite v3.3 from ICentral, Inc. (online store creation and management)
Platforms: UNIX, Windows NT
Price: $495 list for ShopSite Manager and $1295 list for ShopSite Pro
The ShopSite Manager and ShopSite Pro feature set and interface are the same for both environments. The user-interface to ShopSite is a standard web browser.

When installed on the web server, ShopSite software takes up less than 7 MB and comes as a self-contained application. No additional software, such as an external database, is required. The database comes integrated with the ShopSite application.

A key feature of implementing a ShopSite online store is that the merchant owns the store and can move the software from one host provider's system to another. Should a customer wish to move from an NT host provider to a BSD- or Linux-based host provider, or vice versa, the databases are compatible.

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