EMASS Storage Manager from EMASS, Inc. (enterprise storage solutions)
Platforms: Sun, IBM
Price: $299,900
URL: http://www.emass.com/esm
The ESM product line encompasses four standard configurations using EMASS AML/S and AML/J Automated Mixed Media Libraries. The base ESM configuration includes a Sun Ultra Enterprise 3000 Server with 72 gigabytes of RAID storage, (IBM's) ADSM software and an EMASS AML/S library with 12 terabytes of native storage capacity using DLT(a)7000 drives. All ESM packages include the Sun Server with pre-installed ADSM software and a license for 100 ADSM clients, the EMASS library populated with four DLT7000 drives and media, and EMASS systems integration service. Warranty and on-site installation by EMASS are provided at no additional cost. Other services such as ADSM policy management, product training, workload characterization and system performance tuning are also available from EMASS.

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