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New products for the week of July 3rd.

By John J. McLaughlin, Flashback, Inc.

July  1995
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Product: "Creating Cool Web Pages with HTML" ($19.95 USD)
Company: IDG Books
Telephone: 800-434-3422
Fax: 415-655-3299
Platforms: Mac, Windows, Unix
Description: Learn how to create World Wide Web pages that effectively market your specific product or service. A step-by-step introduction to HTML with real-world examples, design principles, and helpful tips. Includes a floppy disk full of HTML examples. (If you send email, place 'send coolweb' in the subject area.)


Product: LISA Conference September 18-22
Company: USENIX
Telephone: 714-588-8649
Fax: 714 588 9706
Description: This is the largest conference exclusively for system administrators. LISA'95, hosted by the USENIX Association and SAGE, the System Administrators Guild, is expected to attract over 1200 professionals to the Monterey Conference Center. LISA '95 is designed to provide critical information on such emerging issues as integration of non-UNIX and proprietary systems and networking technologies, distributed information services, network voice and video teleconferencing, and managing complex networks. Emphasis in technical papers is on reflecting hands-on experience.


Product: ATM25 & ATM155 NICs ($349 to $995)
Company: Adaptec
Telephone: 408-945-8600 800-934-2766
Fax: 408-262-2533
Platforms: Solaris 2.4, 2.4; Windows NT; OS/2;
Description: These asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) network interface cards (NICs), featuring the industry standard speeds of 155 Mbps and 25.6 Mbps, were the first complete set in the industry to pass FCC Class B testing. Available for PCI, SBus and MicroChannel systems. Adaptec ATM NICs are bundled with communications software that conform to the ATM Forum UNI 3.0 and 3.1 specifications for the private user to network interface. Featuring LAN Emulation and Classical IP over ATM (RFC-1577) these NICs have undergone extensive interoperability testing with key networks vendors' ATM products, including IBM, Whitetree, Fore Systems, Bay Networks, First Virtual, Digital Equipment Corp. and Cisco Systems.

Product: DEI-10 TELCO WorkServer
Company: GNP Computers
Telephone: 818-305-8484
Fax: 818-305-9177
Platforms: SunOS and Solaris
Description: A NEBS compliant communications server which includes a Sun SPARCstation 5, 10 or 20 motherboard, a -48 VDC input power supply, and an optional half-height disk drive. Designed specifically for AT& T, the server meets the BELLCORE NEBS standard, can be configured with either SunOS or Solaris 2.x operating systems, and a variety of software and hardware options. All SPARC compliant SBus I/O devices and peripherals are available, including X.25, ISDN, T1, synchronous and asynchronous serial, FDDI, ATM, Datakit, high speed Ethernet and SCSI.

Product: FastHub 100 T/FX ($4,495)
Company: Grand Junction
FlashBack: 1319
Description: The industry's first mixed-media 100Base-T Fast Ethernet repeater. The FastHub 100 T/FX can be used to connect 100Base-T Unshielded Twisted Pair (100Base-TX) server farms, power workgroups and switches to a 100Base-T fiber (100Base-FX) backbone. Fiber extends the distance supported by Fast Ethernet and reduces noise interference, making it ideal for high-rise or cross-campus connections.

Product: Model 9620-714 Telecommunications Server
Company: Texas Microsystems
Telephone: 800-627-8700 713-541-8200
Fax: 713-541-8226
Description: A rackmounted computer designed to the Bellcore NEBS standard for a 48VDC "Central Office" ruggedized operation. Based on Sun's SPARCengine 20 single board computer with 4 75MHz SuperSPARC II CPUs. Ideal Advanced Intelligent Network platform for Service Control Point, Intelligent Peripheral and Adjunct Processor telcomms. apps. Designed as a CO/Telco platform, network interface protocols such as SS7, X.25, ISDN, SONET and Datakit VCS run seamlessly on the Model 9620-714.

Product: Multi-Protocol WAN Controllers ($500 to $7,500)
Company: Aurora Technologies, Inc.
Telephone: 617-290-4800
Fax: 617-290-4844
FlashBack: 1286
Platforms: SPARC Solaris 1.x, Solaris 2.x; x86 Solaris 2.x
Description: SunLink compatible, these controllers allow users of Sun SPARC workstations and servers to increase the performance and functionality of Sun's SunLink communications products. Unique features include synchronous/asynchronous connections from four ports up to 64 ports from a single SBus or ISA/EISA slot, baud rates up to 128Kbps full-duplex per sync line, on-board intelligence, and large, dual-ported DMA buffers which handle heavy traffic without compromising system performance.

Product: Optic LongReach Ethernet Switch (starts at $15,600)
Company: Optical Data Systems
Telephone: 214-234-6400
Fax: 214-301-3893
Description: Provides full-duplex Ethernet over single-mode fiber for distances of up to 60 Kilometers. The switch provides six 10Base-FL ports that each support both full- and half-duplex Ethernet connections and slides into all existing ODS Infinity hub chassis.

Product: RUGGEDIZED PowerLite (from $24,495)
Company: RDI
Telephone: 619-929-0992 800-RDI-LITE
Fax: 619-929-9702
Description: Built for use in harsh environments, it meets the Military Standard Specification MIL-STD 810E, for shock absorption. Features: 30lb, waterproof, single custom aluminum alloy case, shock resistant, constant torque hinges, sun shielding for LCD screen, dual cooling fans, sealed full-size keyboard and track ball, powered by the 110 MHz MicroSPARC II microprocessor, up to 4.3 Gb or removable disk, TGX graphics, 10.4 inch 1024 x 768 flat panel display or 640 x 480 active matrix LCD, 32 to 128Mb RAM.

Product: SPARC Cluster Adapter Card ($3,950 for 1 Gbit/sec SBus-SCI Card including driver software)
Company: Dolphin Interconnect Solutions
Telephone: 805-371-9493
Fax: 805-371-9785
Platforms: SunOS and Solaris 2.x
Description: The SBus-SCI SPARC cluster adapter card is a low latency interface for clustering of SPARC workstations and servers. Based on the IEEE/ANSI Scalable Coherent Interface standard, the interface supports both shared memory and message passing protocols.

Product: SPARC Cluster Switch (4-way) ($5,900 for 4-way Switch)
Company: Dolphin Interconnect Solutions
Telephone: 805-371-9493
Fax: 805-371-9785
Platforms: SunOS and Solaris 2.x
Description: The SPARC SCI cluster switch is a low latency switch for use in clusters of SPARC workstations and servers. The switch supports the IEEE/ANSI Scalable Coherent Interface standard shared memory and message passing protocols. The switch can be used with Dolphin's low latency SBus-SCI SPARC cluster adapter card.

Product: SPARCstorage Array Model 102
Company: Sun Microsystems Computer Company
Telephone: 800-821-4643
SunFlash: 77.20
Platforms: Solaris 2.3 and Solaris 2.4
Description: Designed to provide increased storage capacity and high data availability in enterprise-wide, network computing environments. The Model 102 provides twice the storage capacity and faster data retrieval for the Model 100 series products. The array subsystem is equipped with up to thirty 7200 RPM 2.1-gigabyte disk drives. Enhancements designed to facilitate faster data retrieval include 4.17 millisecond rotational latency, 8/9 millisecond average read/write seek and 4.81-8.78 megabytes/sec. internal transfer rate.

Product: Serial Smart
Company: GNP Computers, 606 East Huntington Drive, Monrovia, CA 91016
Telephone: 818-305-8484
Fax: 818-305-9177
Description: A high-availability multi-port serial device for Internet service providers. Provides multiple dial-up modem lines, allowing hundreds or thousands of users to access the Internet. All ports provide support for PPP, SLIP, and TIA. Serial Smart is designed with an "intelligent" coprocessor on the SBus adapter card, allowing the SPARCstation to use minimal CPU processing power to manage the serial devices.

Product: SuperStack LinkSwitch 1000, 2200, 3000 (from $4975 ($199 per port) to $10,000)
Company: 3Com Corporation
Telephone: 408-764-5000
Description: SuperStack LinkSwitchs Offer a choice of full-rate switched Ethernet (10 Mbps) or fast Ethernet (100 Mbps) for connecting groups of users. Other features include: multiple MAC addresses per port, SNMP, RMON, IP fragmentation, and Virtual LAN support.

LS1000 - 24 switched Ethernet, 1 switched fast Ethernet port, an optional fast Ethernet port, and 220 Mbps.

LS2200 - 16 switched Ethernet, 1 FDDI port, and 60 Mbps.

LS3000 - 5 fibre-based fast Ethernet ports, 1 twisted pair fast Ethernet port, an one optional fast Ethernet port, and 310 Mbps.

Product: XpressStack (starting at $9450)
Company: Gandolf
Telephone: 613-723-6500
Fax: 613-226-1717
Description: Modular, stackable, central site ISDN concentrator. XpressStack BRI offers 8 Basic Rate ISDN connections providing 16 64-Kbps channels. Each XpressStack BRI supports one 10Base-T LAN interface and an asynchronous communications port. XpressStack provides extensible, scalable solutions since modules can be used in the combination that best meets companies ISDN port requirements.


Product: The Accounting XPert - Client and/or Server Version ($795 to $995 per module)
Company: Micronetics, Inc.
Telephone: 305-777-3723 800-443-8000
Fax: 305-777-3729
Description: This high end accounting software may be configured to run entirely on either the client or server depending on the network configuration and performance objectives. Gateways to Btrieve, Oracle, Sybase, C-ISAM, CTREE, Informix, Rdb, and Legacy data allows data to be stored in various networked computers with access available from any console.

Product: Compare for Interleaf 6
Company: DataBase Publishing Software, Inc.
Telephone: 617-938-0018
Fax: 617-938-3810
Platforms: Motif
Description: A tool for marking up changes between document revisions and managing the document revision process. Automates the entire document revision process, providing a robust version management and archival system, along with comparison and markup features for reporting on the differences between revisions. Compare saves only the original document and the differences between the original and its updates, eliminating redundancy, version discrepancies, and saving disk space.

Product: Connection (from $295)
Company: Open Horizon, Inc.
Telephone: 415-598-1200
Fax: 415-593-1669
Description: Connection, a standards-based connectivity product, provides IS organizations with the means to transparently link any application with heterogeneous databases and enterprises services. Gives businesses a simple, cost-effective path from departmental to enterprise-wide client/server computing while allowing them to leverage their existing investments in technologies and systems. Leverages ODBC and leading database APIs to provide a foundation for open access to relational and non-relational data sources. Additionally, Connection's modular connectivity foundation provides organizations with the ability to progressively "snap on" business-critical enterprise services such as user authentication, data encryption, central administration, directory services and transaction processing as business requirements evolve.

Product: DBtools.h++ Version 1.1 (From $595)
Company: Rogue Wave Software, Inc.
Telephone: 503-754-3010 800-487-3217
Fax: 503-757-6650
Platforms: UNIX, DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows NT, OS/2
Description: Shortens the development cycle by providing developers with an easy-to-use interface to leading SQL databases. bridging the relational and object oriented programming models. This release adds support for Informix, Ingres and Windows NT.

Product: DISCOVER Development Information System (DIS) (from $75,000 for 10 developers)
Company: Software Emancipation Technology Inc.
Telephone: 617-863-8900
Fax: 617-863-5441
Platforms: Sun and HP
Description: A client/server solution for managing large, complex software development projects. It offers a shared, distributed multi-user information architecture that enables efficient, quality software development and delivery. DISCOVER consists of the Information Server and a series of client-based software development tools.

Product: DOUBLEVISION for Character Terminals
Company: Maximum Computer Technologies, Inc.
Telephone: 404-428-5000 800-582-9337
Fax: 404-428-5009
Description: Remote control software for UNIX systems that permits a remote system to connect to another terminal - TTY or pseudo TTY - and have full access to its screen and keyboard. Unique terminal mapping capabilities adapts to each terminal environment automatically and handles screen reformatting on the fly.

Product: DOUBLEVISION for X Window Systems
Company: Maximum Computer Technologies, Inc.
Telephone: 404-428-5000 800-582-9337
Fax: 404-428-5009
Description: Allows users to share X Windows applications across any TCP/IP network, including PPP and SLIP. When a window is shared using DOUBLEVISION, all users see exactly the same window and share mouse and keyboard control. DOUBLEVISION is hardware and software independent. It provides remote control for any X environment, including X terminals and PC X servers.

Product: DataHub for UNIX OS ($12,500 for 1 control and 5 managed systems; $2,500 for each addition)
Company: International Business Machines Corp.
Telephone: 914-766-766-1750
Platforms: Sun Solaris 2.3; IBM AIX V3.2.5 and 4.1; HP-UX release 9;
Description: Combines in a single product a full range of database administration tasks as well as the ability to monitor databases on multiple UNIX platforms. It supports DB2 for AIX V2, DB2/6000 V1, Oracle Release 7.0.13, and Sybase SQL Server Release 10.

Product: EDM Adapter
Company: NOVADIGM, Inc.
Telephone: 201-512-1000
Fax: 201-512-1001
Description: Will integrate NOVADIGM's distributed software management environment, the Enterprise Desktop Manager (EDM) with Remedy Corporation's helpdesk management environment, the Action Request System (AR System). The integrated solution will allow large enterprises to automatically discover and report client software configuration problems to the AR System help desk, making it much easier to maintain client/server application availability across thousands of distributed desktops.

Product: EXPRESS Data Transfer Services (from $1,000 to $9,000)
Company: Apertus Technologies Inc.
Telephone: 800-876-7671 212-279-8400
Fax: 212-967-8368
Description: A real-time software solution for linking Sun systems with IBM AS/400s. Users can access an AS/400 using 5250 terminal emulation, perform bidirectional file transfer, execute remote job submissions, and print documents on both Sun and IBM printers. Supports combined TCP/IP and SNA APPN networking. Operates over SDLC or X.25 for wide area networking and over Token Ring for LAN-to-LAN connections.

Product: EasyCopy/X (From $395 for ink jet printers.)
Company: AutoGraph International
Telephone: 408-436-9227
Description: This printing utility allows UNIX hosts to print color or raster images to most raster or PostScript printers. EasyCopy/X can be used with standalone workstations or in heterogeneous networks either as a stand-alone application or integrated into larger applications. Also available is EasyConvert - a conversion tool for most popular file formats.

Product: Eloquence
Company: Eloquent Technology Inc.
Telephone: 607-266-7025
Fax: 607-266-7030
Platforms: Windows (486/25 and above), SPARCstations, RS/6000, SGI
Description: Text-to-speech system converts any input into high-quality synthesized speech with expressive intonation. Input text can be entered in standard English, including abbreviations, acronyms, dates, numbers, math expressions and phonetic symbols. Software development kit available.

Product: FalconFASTBACK
Company: Falcon Systems, Inc.
Telephone: 800-326-1002 916-928-9255
Fax: 916-928-9355
Description: Backup and restore software. Typical performance is 17MB/min on a 500MB cartridge tape and 29MB/min on 8mm and DAT tapes. It can be accessed locally or remotely, performing multi-volume, multi-capacity backups. In addition to its backup features, FalconFASTBACK can also restore "crashed" drives.

Product: FrameMaker Release 5 ($1,495 for UNIX personal license; $2,595 for floating license; $895 for Windows)
Company: Frame Technology Corporation,333 West San Carlos Street, San Jose,
Telephone: 408-975-6171
Fax: 408-975-6600
Description: Adds more flexibility, power, and ease-of-use in several key categories including authoring efficiency, compound document support, cross platform architecture, and online publishing capabilities. Frame Developer's Kit is available for $2,000 for UNIX. FrameMaker Release 5 supports WWW and Adobe Acrobat 2.0. FrameReader is included at no charge.

Product: GEORGE 2.1 (from $795)
Company: K2 Software Developments Limited
Telephone: + 44 161 777 8118
Fax: + 44 161 775 2583
Platforms: Sun SPARC - SunOS 4.1.x & Solaris 2.x, HP 9000 - HP UX 9.x, Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and Windows NT
Description: A compiler independent automatic documentation tool for C and C++ engineers, generating documents directly from the source code for various publishing tools such as FrameMaker, Interleaf, and Word. George can also be used for producing comprehensive code documents for the Web with it's ability to generate HTML output. These documents come with a comprehensive index and include all aspects of the code, including comments.

Product: I/PRO System ($250-$3000 per month, depending on site traffic level & options)
Company: Internet Profiles Corporation
Telephone: 415-322-9600
Fax: 415-322-9818
Description: Offers organizations with World Wide Web sites the capability to track, monitor and analyze site usage. With the I/PRO System, Internet publishers, advertisers, catalog producers, and others are better able to understand how end-users are accessing Web sites.

Product: InterBACKUP Version 1.5 (around $12,000 for 1 server and 50 clients)
Company: Chevry
Telephone: 818-225-6060
Fax: 818-225-9656
Description: Features an object oriented approach to defining and scheduling multiple simultaneous backups over a distributed network to multi-drive tape libraries: a new approach to managing enterprise-wide backup and restores for UNIX oriented client/server networks. Any UNIX workstation, PC, or Macintosh computer connected on the network can have its data backed up and restored using UNIX standard tape formats.

Product: Interceptor Firewall Release 1.1 ($17,250 to $29,750)
Company: Technologic, Inc., 4170 Ashford Dunwoody Road, Suite 465, Atlanta,
Telephone: 404-843-9111
Fax: 404-843-9700
Description: Allows corporate users to access popular Internet services from their local area networks. Provides security by preventing entry into the organization's network by unauthorized users and/or untrusted services from the Internet. Version 1.1 is a complete firewall system that includes network access control, proxy services, and mail forwarding. Interceptor runs on a dedicated host processor whose sole function is to safeguard an organization's network.

Product: MapMarker ($2,000 to $10,000; $399 for SQL DataLink)
Company: MapInfo Corporation
Telephone: 518-285-6000
Fax: 518-285-6060
Description: A fast, accurate, intelligent address-matching product that will drive a new class of geographically-enhanced or spacially-"enabled" enterprise-wide applications. The MapMarker API enables users to embed the product within any application.

Product: MicroStation TeamMate ($475 per client, 6 TeamMates + 1 MicroStation Review for $2,450)
Company: Bentley Systems Inc.
Telephone: 610-458-5000
Fax: 610-458-1060
Platforms: Sun, DOS, Windows, OS/2, Windows NT, DEC Alpha, Apple, HP, SGI, Clipper, IBM R/S
Description: Provides integrated technical document management including specific functions such as querying by example, collaborative teaming and security. Built to meet the broad requirements of the full engineering lifecycle, this integrated product can manage all engineering documents and can be used by project engineers and managers alike.

Product: ObjectManual (Prices vary by configuration. Single, Multiple and Floating licenses.)
Company: ObjectSoftware, Inc.
Telephone: 214-373-2021
Fax: 214-250-4925
Platforms: SPARC SunOS 4.x, Solaris 2.x; x86 Solaris 2.4
Description: An automated tool to generate HTML documentation from C++ programs. Documentation for all types of C++ classes is generated by ObjectManual. The generated documentation can be viewed via HTML browsers (e.g., Mosaic, Netscape, etc.).

Product: ObjectPro 2.0 ($2,995 per unit)
Company: Trinzic Corporation
Telephone: 415-591-8200
Platforms: Windows 3.1. In Q4: Solaris, AIX, HP-UX
Description: An object-oriented application development tool for easy implementation of complete business objects. New features improve reuse capabilities and include an easy-to-use browser.

Product: Objective MicroStation
Company: Bentley Systems
Telephone: 610-458-5000
Fax: 610-458-1060
Platforms: DOS, MS Windows, Windows NT, Mac, Solaris, other UNIX
Description: Objective MicroStation brings object technology and its integration benefits directly to models for large-scale engineering projects in AEC, GIS, and mechanical design. Users can now work with integrated project models, generate multiple design representations from a single model, build and accumulate design "knowledge", use and expand higher-level design components, and use OLE and CORBA to communicate with desktop tools.

Product: Open COBOL for UNIX
Company: Accelr8 Technology Corporation
Telephone: 303-863-8088 800-582-8898
Fax: 303-863-1218
Platforms: Sun, IBM, DEC, HP
Description: Automates moving VAX/VMS COBOL applications to open systems. It processes VAX COBOL source code and creates a new COBOL source that has been automatically adjusted to be compiled using several UNIX COBOL compilers. In its first release, Open COBOL will target MicroFocus COBOL, Acucobol, and DEC COBOL.

Product: Parallelized ANSYS Revision 5.2
Company: Ansys, Inc.
Telephone: 412-746-3304
Fax: 412-746-9494
FlashBack: 1316
Description: ANSYS, Inc. and Sun Microsystems Computer Company have completed parallelization of ANSYS Revision 5.2, to be released this summer. Building on the parallelized iterative solver, known as the ANSYS PowerSolver and SMCC have completed threading the element formulation and stress recovery portions of ANSYS Revision 5.2 using the Solaris Threads Application Programming Interface.

Product: Perl CDROM ($39.95)
Company: Walnut Creek CDROM
Telephone: 510-674-0783
Fax: 510-674-0821
Description: Contains over 7,000 up-to-date, uncompressed, and conveniently organized files of Perl source and utilities. Includes sources to the latest versions of both Perl4 (4.036) and Perl5 (5.000). Also contained on the disc are mirrors of over a dozen Perl archives, including those at the University of Florida and Texas Metronet.

Product: Prime Time Freeware for UNIX, Issue 4-1 ($60)
Company: Prime Time Freeware
Telephone: 408-433-9662
Fax: 408-433-0727
Description: With over 500 freeware packages, this is the largest collection of UNIX-related source code. Includes tools for UNIX administration and document preparation, graphics packages, the X11R5 and X11R6 X Window distributions, languages, Internet tools, and complete Tcl/Tk archives, and many more.

Product: ProReports and ProServer (ProReports client $695, ProServer begins at $10,000)
Company: Software Interfaces
Telephone: 713-492-0707
Fax: 713-492-0725
Platforms: Clients - MS Windows, Windows NT, Solaris, SunOS, HP, RS/6000;
Description: ProReports allows access and reporting on heterogeneous database data plus other data -- all in the same report. ProServer allows report generation from any server retaining the client's identical formatting attributes. In this first release, ProReports for the client is shipping on Microsoft Windows and ProServer is shipping on SunOS.

Product: RoboMon UNIX ($500 to $9,500)
Company: Heroix Corporation
Telephone: 800-229-6500 x222 617-527-1550
Fax: 617-527-6132
Description: Client/server, automated system administration solution. Designed with an open architecture, enabling easy integration with network managers such as Open View and NetView, as well as help desk applications and other software. RoboMon uses rule-based automation and follows a reasoned thought path, detecting and solving problems proactively with more than 80 built-in sensors. Analysis capabilities enable you to automate system, network, application, or database tasks to improve system availability and reliability.

Product: SQL<>SECURE Release 4.0 ($7,500)
Company: Brain Tree Technology
Telephone: 617-982-0200
Fax: 617-982-8076
Platforms: UNIX, OpenVMS; X/Motif, Mac, Windows, text Clients
Description: Suite of Enterprise-wide client/server RDBMS security tools. Password Manager allows users to maintain and change a single password across multiple platforms and database instances. Also does break-in scanning, detection, response, and evasion.

Audit Manager provides alerting, reporting, viewing, graphing sorting etc. of user-defined audit trails. Ties into framework products such as Tivoli.

Product: Slackware Linux CDROM ($39.95)
Company: Walnut Creek CDROM
Telephone: 510-674-0783
Fax: 510-674-0821
Description: With version 2.2, turn your machine into a multitasking workstation with a full range of software development, text editing, and image processing tools like GCC C and C++ compilers, TeX, XView, and others. Linux also enables you to connect your machine to the Internet and use electronic mail or news (with a supported Ethernet card, or with SLIP/PPP using a standard modem).

Product: StP/RevC
Company: Interactive Development Environments
Telephone: 415-543-0900
Fax: 414-543-0145
Platforms: Sun SPARCstations running SunOS or Solaris.
Description: IDE's new StP/RevC enables companies to reverse engineer legacy C source code into a complete design environment for re-engineering. StP/RevC, tightly integrated with Software through Pictures for Structured Environments (StP/SE 5.1), reverse engineers existing code into structure charts, data structures, and control flow charts that can be analyzed, tested, and reengineered to produce higher quality systems.

Product: Systems<ToolKit> ($375 per developer)
Company: ObjectSpace, Inc.
Telephone: 214-934-2496
Fax: 214-663-3959
Description: A comprehensive set of cross-platform C++ foundation classes that takes the next step in providing object-oriented developers with the benefits of the advanced Standard Template Library (STL). Provides cross-platform coverage of many useful operating system features such as sockets, threads, and pipes. Code written using the Systems<Toolkit> classes is fully thread-safe and works without modification across platforms.

Product: TEDsecure ($425 for TED, $200 for TEDsecure)
Company: TriTeal Corporation
Telephone: 619-930-2077
Fax: 619-930-2081
Platforms: All versions of UNIX
Description: TED is the TriTeal Enterprise Desktop - a CDE GUI for UNIX workstation. TEDsecure is a desktop security module developed to meet Fortezza-based security requirements specified by the NSA. With TEDsecure, users can secure email communications, and protect and authenticate archived messages using data encryption and digital signatures. Users can encrypt and sign files for secure data storage in the UNIX file system.

Product: TeleUSE/DB 2.0 ($9,000)
Company: Thomson Software Products
Telephone: 619-457-2700
Fax: 619-452-2117
Description: A high-quality development tool for building OSF/Motif graphical user interfaces for relational database applications. With use of its many built-in SQL functions, TeleUSE/DB promotes rapid GUI prototyping. Simplified, portable SQL server calls enable enterprise-wide implementation of consistent user interfaces even in a multi-database environment. New features include a database browser tool, database template builder, open systems development facilities, automatic code generation, and advanced application testing capabilities.

Product: XRT/field ($995)
Company: KL Group, Inc.
Telephone: 415-594-1026 800-663-4723
Fax: 416-594-1919
Platforms: Solaris (1, 2), DEC, DG, HP, IBM, QNX, SCO, SGI, SVR4 for x86, VMS
Description: This is the newest addition to the XRT family of widgets for Motif. XRT/field is an integrated collection of widgets that enables developers to build data-entry forms with field level validation. XRT/field prompts the users for a value (based on an edit mask), validates the value as it is entered, does automatic value completion if required, and ultimately converts the value to an easy-to-use string, date, integer, or float.

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