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Welcome to the first issue of SunWorld Online, IDG's magazine for the Sun community! If you're new to our magazine, click on the Newcomer Information question mark at the top right of this page to get an idea of what we're all about and what we offer to readers.

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Last updated July 24, 1995

Internet touted as global catalyst.
INET '95 conference attendees elected a new president for the Internet Society, pondered Internet security, and heard updates from developing countries on why Internet access is difficult or illegal. (3,500 words, including sidebars)

A better Wabi, SunPC.
SunSoft improved its PC integration hardware and software in announcements promising a quicker SBus coprocessor and a more multimedia-friendly Wabi. (800 words)

UltraSPARC: Coming soon.
Long the performance laggard in the CPU foot-race, Sun's UltraSPARC processor promises to gain a lap or two on the competition. (650 words)

Should you worry about the RAM shortage?
Although it has not yet resulted in higher prices for consumers, there are shortages of crucial computer components. (860 words)

Sun hails "virtual companies."
Last month's "Insights" conference in San Francisco reinforced Sun Microsystems Inc.'s vision of the virtual company as a key segment of its future customer base. (600 words)

New products.
All the SPARC and Solaris-related new products that are fit to print. (more than 4 new entries!)


Java: The inside story By Michael O'Connell
When a handful of SunLabs engineers started work on what's become Java, none imagined it would appear in a graphical Internet browser. In fact, such browsers didn't even exist! We reveal what Java was meant to be, its development, and what its future holds. (2,800 words)

Configuration management tools comparison By Dave St. Clair
A comparative review of two popular CM tools. Includes sidebars on installing and using each tool, a brief look at a low-cost competitor, and a comprehensive list of rival Unix software. (4,000 words)

Internet access provider benchmark proposed By Neal Nelson & Barry D. Bowen
The creator of an Internet access provider performance benchmark discusses its genesis, value, strengths, and weaknesses. Includes sidebars on technical issues and vendor feedback. (3,500 words)

Women in engineering By Kaitlin Duck Sherwood
A pointed but humorous survival guide for women in engineering or any other male-dominated business. Male readers will appreciate the perspectives, too (at least these male editors did). (3,800 words)


Security by Peter Galvin
New! Galvin introduces the column stating it will be a mix of ageless advice and timely tips on today's issues. Includes a reader questionnaire. (1,500 words)

SysAdmin by Hal Stern
With a clever and practical example, Hal shows how system administrators can use SCCS to control critical system files. Replete with code samples and discussions of undocumented features. (3,700 words)

Client/Server by Bill Rosenblatt
Bill peels back Microsoft's marketing hype surrounding its SQL Server 6.0 database and finds impressive technology and the reasons behind its impressive performance claims. He also uncovers a proprietary package worthy of IBM. (1,950 words)

Unix Enterprise by Harris Kern and Randy Johnson
Harris and Randy describe how Sun has extended the "glass house" concept over networks to include remote "glass closets." (1,300 words)

Career Adviser by Edgar Saadi
Readers write, and recruiter Saadi answers. This month, a programmer knows the job he wants, but not how to get there, and a job seeker wants to know how to appear interested, but not pushy. (1,700 words)

PC Connectivity by Rawn Shah
Why are network managers hearing so much about Winsock 2.0? For one, it promises to make life much easier for developers and users, who struggle daily interconnecting PCs on LANs. Second, it promises simultaneous connectivity, a feat tricky with today's Winsock. (2,000 words)


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