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SunWorld Advertising Opportunity

Alison Radford,

Account Executive, West
Tel: (415) 978-3154
Fax: (415) 442-1891
Alison Radford

Linked from the Sun Microsystems home page, SunWorld is a Web-only publication dedicated to providing technical and strategic information supporting Unix and Internet/Intranet/Extranet servers and solutions. With over 90,000 readers per month, SunWorld has the highest audience of Unix and Internet/Enterprise Network professionals.

Advertising banners are placed in multiple locations, throughout past and present articles, including Table of Contents, News and Views, Features, Tech Expertise Columns, Product Showcase, and SunWhere. SunWorld comes out with a new issue every month and is updated as news stories break.

The mission of SunWorld is to:

Advertising Package Includes:

CPM Per month, The SunWorld rates
Impressions 1 month 3 months 6 months
90,000 $72 ($6,480) $68 ($6,120) $64 ($5,760)
75,000 $81 ($6,075) $77 ($5,775) $73 ($5,475)
50,000 $92 ($4,600) $88 ($4,400) $84 ($4,200)

Advertisers receive a monthly ad traffic report showing: Day of Week, Ad impressions, and Ad Click-throughs.

[Photo of Drace]
Steve Drace Vice President/Associate Publisher
(415) 267-4527


Please provide a URL for your ad to link to, alternate text for text browsers, and two GIF files, one of each IAB-compliant size described below. GIF 89 Animations may not loop forever, and should terminate after 15 seconds. Remember to make the last frame of your animation appropriately informative, as it will be the frame shown when the animation finishes.

Banner Image Size (pixels) File Size Animation Length
IAB Square Banner
125 x 125
60 Seconds
IAB Full Banner
468 x 60
Infinite Loop

Modes of transfer:

Programmed ads (Java, Active X, etc.)

For questions about specifications contact our Online Advertising Coordinator, Tracy Brien, at 415-978-3190.


Make the most of your coverage in SunWorld.

Nothing has greater influence on buyers than positive editorial coverage. Such coverage in SunWorld can be converted into a valuable marketing tool through the use of reprints.

We offer you two reprint opportunities: online, and on paper. Our fee schedules allow you to post SunWorld articles to your own Web site for cost-effective marketing to your Web visitors, or our professional design team will create customized print formats that work to your best advantage in marketing kits or as trade-show handouts.

For high-quality reprints of 500 or more, please contact Reprint Management Services at (717) 560-2001 or e-mail


The SunWorld subscriber file (as well as that of our print predecessor, Advanced Systems, the leading Unix monthly) contains thousands of buyers of RISC-based Unix advanced computing products. Through this recently updated, highly qualified list, you can reach your target audience and deliver your marketing message cost effectively. The subscriber list can be selected in a number of ways to ensure that you're getting the most targeted names for your money.

For more information on how to rent the SunWorld or the Advanced Systems postal subscriber list, please call Kathy King at (508) 370-0826, toll-free in the US at (888) IDG-LIST extension 825, Kathy King, or facsimile (508) 370-0020.

For more information on how to rent the e-mail subscriber list, please call Christine Cahill at (508) 370-0808, toll-free in the US at (888) IDG-LIST extension 808, Christine Cahill, or facsimile (508) 370-0020.


If you're in Advertising or a marketing/PR, you should be on the SunWorldComp List so you can keep up with our fast-paced Web magazine!

Send e-mail to Michael McCarthy to get e-mail reminders of newly posted issues, and alerts about SunWorld marketing opportunities.

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