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[SunWorld June 1998 table of contents]
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Securing IP by Ken Masica
IPSec is supposed to change the way we use the Internet, but what does it actually do? (3,000 words)

Caching to relieve bandwidth congestion by Robert E. Lee
How can you do it and what does it give you? (2,000 words)

How do you manage systems growth? by Chuck Musciano
Planning for network growth without resorting to magic. (2,800 words)

Reader Survey: What does free software mean to you?
Tell us where open source code fits into your life.


Top news stories

Salad days for Solaris on Intel? by Robert McMillan
Solaris on x86 benefitting from Sun's Merced partnerships. (900 words)

Marimba introduces Castanet 3.0 by Stephanie Steenbergen
Upgrade focuses on management. (800 words)

Sun extends Solaris to ISPs by Stephanie Steenbergen
Company also announces partnership with Lucent Technologies and Sun Internet Mail Server 3.5 and Sun Internet Calendar Server. (700 words)

Sun releases the first element of its e-commerce strategy: Sun Community Server by Stephanie Steenbergen
Who's testing it out? (900 words)

Merced delayed 'til mid-2000 by James Niccolai
6-month delay not seen as catastrophe. (450 words)


Career Advisor: Stock options -- How much do you deserve? by Edgar Saadi
Plus, what do you do after calling your boss a "dirtbag"? Recovering from the ol' accidental Reply to all. (1,400 words)

IT Architect: Application integration without band-aids by Sam Wong
How to glue your company's applications together without making a mess. (2,500 words)

Bill's Bookshelf Bill's Bookshelf: The final word on cryptography by Bill Rosenblatt
SunWorld readers picked Bruce Schneier's Applied Cryptography as the best book ever written on its subject. Find out what Bill thinks of it. (2,200 words)

Readers Speak Out: Letters to the Editor
Architecture dominates the reader letters this month. We have answers to reader questions on middleware (Why is DCE dead? What about TINA-C and TMN?) and how to become an IT architect. We also have comments on processor partitioning and disk fragmentation with Solaris.

More news

New U.S. policy turns 'Net governance over to private sector by Nancy Weil
Non-profit entity will take over domain name registration by October 2000. (450 words)

Eye on the competition Eye on the competition: Up-to-the-minute news on Sun's rivals by IDG News Service staff
AMD, IBM in talks with Compaq regarding Alpha chip. Compaq's Pfeiffer elaborates on merger. NEC claims world's fastest supercomputer with SX-5 series. (8 stories posted)

SunSpots SunSpots: The latest tidbits on Sun deals and product news by IDG News Service staff
Sun announces support of Intel's Pentium II Xeon Processor for Servers. Sun acquires Redcape Policy Software Inc and Dakota Scientific Software. Toshiba to sell Intel-based Solaris servers. Merced delay opportunity for SPARC, says Sun COO. Sabre Group to offer Sun's JavaStation for booking systems. McNealy pitches Java at Harvard. (6 stories posted)

The Internet Files The Internet Files: news on the latest Internet standards and struggles by IDG News Service staff
Commission strives for a common position on Internet taxation. U.S. encryption policy not likely to change this year. U.S. FTC blasts Web sites for inadequate privacy policies. (5 stories posted)

MCI to sell off Internet backbone by Kristi Essick
Now there's a major new player in the U.S. Internet market. (1,000 words)

Baratz says Java licensing restrictions to change by Elinor Mills
Next version of Java will be real-time. (700 words)

Lucent switch promises tiered Internet service by James Niccolai
Vinton Cerf calls new design an "improvement" over existing technology. (400 words)

New products
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun, SPARC, or Solaris, it's here in the industry's most comprehensive and timely new product listing.


Webmaster: Moving to a new standard -- HTML gets a makeover, part 3 by Chuck Musciano
Some of your favorite HTML tags may now be obsolete. Find out about small but important elements that have been changed in the latest version of HTML. (2,000 words)

Inside Solaris: Controlling permissions with access control lists by Jim Mauro
Bump up your level of protection with this new addition to Solaris file security. (2,800 words)

Security: Pete's Wicked World -- Web server wiles '98, part 2 by Peter Galvin and Carole Fennelly
Going public, with a "padded cell" Web server. (3,000 words)

Performance Q&A: How busy is the CPU, really? by Adrian Cockcroft
Measuring CPU usage accurately with an Adrian-built tool. (2,200 words)

Connectivity: Satellite data communications -- The space race is on by Rawn Shah
The recent Galaxy IV crash may have you wondering what other satellite data services are out there. Rawn has the answers. (2,100 words)

Unix 101: Small fry Unix commands can get the job done, part 2 by Mo Budlong
A look at read and wc. (1,700 words)


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