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Last updated 20 February, 1996

Will lights on Broadway outshine Java? by Barry Bowen
In response to the new vision of future computing, the X Consortium is disclosing its own view of a post-X world. (1,100 words)

Sun's tempest in the coffee pot by Erica Liederman
Was Sun's Java Cup International contest a gimmick to steal code? Plus, other Java-related news. (1,500 words)

Sun reveals its Internet Toaster by Sari Kalin and Michael Parsons
Eric Schmidt revealed a prototype of Sun's Internet Terminal at Demo 96. Here's the maximum amount of information Schmidt would tell us. (800 words)

Computer Associates takes on the Net by Barry Bowen
"This is the first credible, broad-based solution for Web servers." (1,300 words)

Sun, Apple can't agree on a price by Barry Bowen
Sun offers $23 per share, Apple wants $40. Apple plans layoffs and freezes development. (1,000 words)

Internet Toaster: And the readers say: Yes! by SunWorld Online staff
Our survey of SunWorld Online readers yielded strong, even impassioned, support for the whole idea of an Internet Terminal. (1,300 words) Also, reader comments. (5,300 words)

JavaWorld is here!
Announcing a new magazine for Java developers, and you can help set its course by completing this reader survey. (1,000 words)

New products
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun/SPARC/Solaris, it's here, in the industry's most comprehensive and timely new-product listing.
Storage technology roundup By George Lawton
The scoop on the newest developments in magnetic, optical, and even holographic media. (4,500 words)

Managing a network architecture by Harris Kern, Randy Johnson, Michael Hawkins, and Andrew Law with William Kennedy
There are two keys to managing a network successfully: Keep it simple and stick to standards. This feature tells how. (4,000 words)

How to program with threads by Bil Lewis and Daniel J. Berg
Need some clarification on multithreaded programming? This article defines threads -- what they are, why they are useful, and how they work. (5,600 words)
Java Developer: Get ready for JavaWorld
A new magazine for Java developers, and you can help set its course.

Security: Put a tiger in your tank by Peter Galvin.
A tiger team can save you time and money and improve your ability to respond to security incidents. (1,900 words)

SysAdmin: PGP: The key to your heart by Hal Stern.
Securing your data and e-mail with Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). (4,500 words)

Performance Q&A: Which is better, static or dynamic linking? by Adrian Cockcroft.
At compile time, developers can choose static or dynamic linking. Which offers better performance? (2,000 words)

Connectivity: Componentware on the horizon by Rawn Shah.
Making sense of OLE, PDO, OpenDoc, and other technologies promising component-to-component communications. (1,800 words)

Client/Server: Tools to meld the Web & relational databases, Part II by Bill Rosenblatt.
Web-aware database development tools promise to make client/server app deployment easier. (2,200 words)

Unix Enterprise: Production-quality enterprise networks by Harris Kern and Randy Johnson.
The secret to networking success is to plan for change. (1,400 words)

Career Advisor: Should I go with Java? by Edgar Saadi.
Java's a much-discussed technology today, but does it represent a viable change in career? (1,500 words)

Webmaster: Optimizing your HTTP server software by Chuck Musciano.
How to get that Web server daemon screamin'. (2,300 words)

Editorial: Should Sun buy Apple? by Michael McCarthy and Mark Cappel.
A point-counterpoint discussion pitting SunWorld Online's publisher against its editor-in-chief. (2,000 words)

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