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IDG to launch JavaWorld on World Wide Web

First Web-based magazine dedicated to Java developers and enthusiasts

By SunWorld Online Staff (Michael O'Connell)

February  1996
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Readers of SunWorld Online already know the quality of Web-based publications produced by the staff at IDG's Web Publishing Inc. JavaWorld -- the first Web-only commercial publication devoted to the Java community -- offers a similar format and is published by the same accomplished staff. SunWorld Online reaches more than 60,000 readers in more than 70 countries each month, and WPI expects JavaWorld will reach an even wider audience due to the broader popularity of Java and JavaScript.

Considered one of the hottest new products in the exploding Web development market, Java is an object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc., with features especially suitable for cross-platform, distributed computing via the World Wide Web.

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For more information, including details about the first issue's content, see the JavaWorld Information sidebar below.

Our parent company, IDG, published a press release (in the sidebar below) about JavaWorld.

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Coming February 15...

The first Web-based magazine
dedicated to Java developers and enthusiasts

JavaWorld -- IDG's magazine for Java developers


Published monthly by IDG Communications -- the company that brings you SunWorld Online magazine -- JavaWorld is an all-electronic magazine published on the World Wide Web and devoted to serving the information needs of the Java community.

According to JavaWorld Editor-in-Chief Michael O'Connell, the magazine will offer articles for both introductory-level and advanced Java programmers and strive to keep readers abreast of the latest news and events in the Java community. JavaScript and other related technologies also will be covered.

"Since JavaWorld is a Web-based magazine, we'll be able to include plenty of code samples and working applets to clearly illustrate programming tips and techniques," O'Connell notes. "A print magazine couldn't offer such executable content."

JavaWorld also will offer non-technical content addressing the business and general-interest issues related to Java.

Articles planned for the first issue, scheduled to be published February 15, include:

To be sure you don't miss our first issue:

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If you said yes to both of these questions, perhaps you have what it takes to write articles for JavaWorld. If you're interested, please send a brief note describing your qualifications and areas of interest/expertise to

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For Immediate Release

For more information, contact

Chris McAndrews
(415) 676-3026

IDG To Launch JavaWorld On World Wide Web

Electronic Magazine Dedicated To Java Developers And Enthusiasts

Boston, MA (January 25, 1996) -- International Data Group (IDG), the world's leading computer publishing, research, and exposition company, announced today that it will launch JavaWorld Magazine on the World Wide Web on February 15. The electronic publication, or "webzine," will be linked from the Java home page (at the Internet address and will also be accessible directly at

Java(tm) is an object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc., with features especially suitable for cross-platform, distributed computing via the World Wide Web. Java is widely considered one of the hottest new products in the exploding Web development market. Microsoft, among others, has licensed Java as part of its emerging Internet strategy.

JavaWorld will be one of the first commercial publications, and the first such to be published only in Web form, to serve the rapidly growing Java community. The independent publication will feature hands-on tutorials for both novice and advanced Java programmers, profiles of businesses that use Java for key applications, and coverage of Java-related news and events. JavaWorld also will focus on the business-related information needs of the Java community.

"Since we're a Web-based magazine, we'll be able to include in JavaWorld plenty of code samples and demo applets to clearly illustrate programming tips and techniques," said editor Michael O'Connell. "For example, in our first issue, noted Java guru Arthur van Hoff will demonstrate how to do animation with Java, using live Java code that allows the reader to see, in real time, how changes in code affect the movement of the animated characters."

JavaWorld will be linked from Sun's Java Web home page. The site attracts an average of 1.5 million hits per day, making it one of the most active sites on the Internet. In addition, JavaWorld will be syndicated in the Web and commercial online service sites of IDG sister publication PC World (

"We are very excited that IDG has chosen to launch JavaWorld," said Kim Polese, Director of Marketing for Sun's JavaSoft unit. "With the tremendous developer interest and business interest in how to make the most effective use of the Web, there is a clear need for comprehensive Java-related information. And with JavaWorld, IDG has underscored this interest by choosing the Web as their sole distribution vehicle, ensuring that the Java community will get the most value out of this information."

"Java is revolutionizing network computing," said Eric Schmidt, chief technology officer, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "JavaWorld is a terrific opportunity to respond to the tremendous demand for information about how to make the most of the Java opportunity."

IDG Chairman Pat McGovern noted that the growth of the Internet represents a considerable opportunity for the technical and corporate executives responsible for their enterprises' communications and computing infrastructures. "These individuals need objective, timely, and highly useful information to help them chart their organizations' Internet paths. IDG is committed to providing that information, and JavaWorld is an important part of our effort."

This is IDG's second Web-only periodical: SunWorld Online was launched in July, 1995 and likewise has no print equivalent. SunWorld's independent editorial serves the information needs of the Sun user community. Both JavaWorld and SunWorld Online are published by IDG business unit Web Publishing Inc., headed by President and Publisher Michael E. McCarthy.

For more information on JavaWorld, contact Michael O'Connell (editorial) at 415-267-1710 or, or Colette McMullen (advertising), at 415-267-4527 or

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, International Data Group has annual revenues of more than $1.4 billion and is ranked by Advertising Age as the world's largest media company in the computer category and 25th largest overall. IDG's publishing subsidiary, IDG Communications, publishes more than 270 newspapers and magazines in over 75 countries. IDG's trade book division, IDG Books Worldwide, is the fastest growing computer book publisher with more than 300 titles and foreign translations in 28 languages. IDG's research subsidiary, International Data Corporation (IDC), is the leading market research and analysis firm covering the computer field. IDG's exposition management subsidiaries run over 64 computer-related expositions and conferences in 22 countries.

JavaSoft, headquartered in Palo Alto, is an operating company of Sun Microsystems Inc. The company's mission is to develop, market and support the Java technology and products based on it. Java supports networked applications and enables developers to write applications once that will run on any machine. JavaSoft develops applications, tools and systems platforms to further enhance Java as the programming standard for complex networks such as the Internet and corporate intranets.

With annual revenues of $6 billion, Sun Microsystems, Inc. provides solutions that enable customers to build and maintain open network computing environments. As a proponent of open standards, the company is involved in the design, manufacture, and sale of products, technologies and services for commercial and technical computing. Founded in 1982, Sun is headquartered in Mountain View, California and employs more than 14,000 people worldwide.

Sun and Java are registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. "World" is a trademark of IDG Communications Inc. Java is used as part of JavaWorld, and Sun as part of SunWorld, with permission.

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