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SunWorld Online's sister publication, JavaWorld, launches Feb. 15. As the editors scramble to create this new publication, they welcome your input.

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  1. If you could pick the types of stories run in a Java magazine, which would you choose? (select all that apply)
    News/new product announcements
    Expert column
    Beginner column
    Developer tips and tricks
    Software reviews
    Java security
    User studies/vendor profiles
    Reviews of Java-enabled sites
    Chat/discussion forums
    Applet/class libraries
    Yahoo-like jump page to Java info
    Contrarian/devil's advocate column
    Q&A column
    Look at java-related business opportunities (for managers/executives)

  2. What is your present relationship to Java? (select the single best answer)
    Manager of programmers
    Java developer
    JavaScript programmer
    Java applet user
    I don't use/program Java

  3. What are your plans to program with Java in the next six months?
    Program with Java now
    Plan to program with Java
    Plan to use JavaScript
    Will use, not program, applets
    Will look for ways to employ Java in my business
    I won't use or program Java

  4. What types of Java applets/technologies do you want to learn read about? (select all that apply)
    Internet appliance/PC/toaster software
    Enhance public Web site(s)
    Enhance internal Web (intranet)
    Non-Web applications
    Financial apps (investment/transaction/commerce)
    Spreadsheet apps
    Database apps
    Communication (chat, groupware, etc.)
    Consumer content/apps
    Java development tools/classes/etc.
    Security apps/tools

  5. Which programming language/environment do you use most often? (select up to 3 answers)
    Java JavaScript C++ Other OO (Smalltalk, Eiffel, etc.)
    C PowerBuilder Three-tier dev. environment (Dynasty, Forte, etc.)
    Perl, awk, shell Visual Basic, VB Script Lingo
    Kaleida's ScriptX Macromedia Director/Authorware
    General Magic's Telescript HyperCard
    4GL Fortran Cobol Ada Other
    I'm not a programmer

  6. Are you interested in writing for JavaWorld? Yes No

  7. Would you like to be contacted by the editors (to help develop story ideas, etc.)? If so, please complete the following:
    Telephone #:

  8. If you were going to publish a Java-related magazine, what would you write about?

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