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Newbies, read this!

Welcome to SunWorld! Read this page if you've never visited us before, or if you visit so many sites you've forgotten what we're up to. This is an electronic magazine published by IDG Communications, the world's largest publisher of computer-related information. Our sister titles include Macworld, PC World, and Computerworld, as well as 225 others.

The chuckleheads behind the HTML here are the editors who brought you SunWorld and Advanced Systems print magazines. Like a paper magazine, SunWorld includes news, columns, features, letters to the editor, reviews, and advertisements.

We are independent of Sun, and we write to make readers happy. You have plenty of opportunities to tell us how we are doing with that promise using the response forms after each story. Of course, you can always send us a message at too. This is your pulp-free, digitally fortified, all-electron, monthly magazine, so tell us how to serve you.

Keep these tips in mind as you read our magazine:

Here's how we've organized SunWorld:

If you want up-to-the-nanosecond news, turn on your radio or CNN. If you want insight into events and products that affect how you use SPARC and Solaris, read SunWorld's News section. We change the news every month, and update and post major news stories as they break.

For help in understanding the technology behind today's Unix-based, client/server world, look no further than SunWorld's Features.

Tech Expertise columns
Our News department tells you what's hot, our New Products section tells your what's new, and our Features department tells you what's important. How does one apply what's learned? Turn to our Tech Expertise columns section.

We've got top-notch pros in the field covering security, system administration, client/server computing, PC connectivity, network management, software development, and running Unix systems as heavy-duty enterprise servers. For your personal career development, a recruiter answers reader questions about high-tech careers, and an industry insider reviews the latest business/techology books.

Includes sunWHERE?, our free e-mail notification service, this page, and our staff list.

Navigational tips

  1. There's no place like it. Since a bunch of print journalists put SunWorld together, we call our Home Page a "table of contents" (TOC). Call us quaint, call us old fashioned, call us crazy, but call our home page a TOC.
  2. Buttons, we've got buttons. For the comfort and safety of our guests, we clearly mark all exits back to our table of contents. We also offer buttons to the next story in that section, if you'd rather read SunWorld like a paper magazine.

  3. Number 3. There is no number three.

  4. Hello? You'll notice a reader feedback mini-survey at the end of each story. Use said survey to offer your instant responses to each article. Your responses are important!

  5. Forget not, want not. Fill out the registration form and we'll send you a table of contents each month, plus notifications of astounding events as they transpire.

What's with those icons?

That big graphic at the top of our table of contents ("Home Page" to you WWW purists), has hot spots you can click on to jump you to different sections of our magazine. (Web geeks call this a "linked image map.") You'll note at the bottom of our table of contents we've a row of icons. Here's what they mean:

[Information icon] Tells new readers everything they need to know about using and navigating SunWorld. A file very similar to this one.

[Registration icon] We publish every month (with some mid-month updates). Want to make sure you don't miss an issue? Just sign up for our e-mail alert system by clicking on the Subscribe button. In exchange for you filling out a brief form, we'll send an alert of each new issue along with our table of contents each month, plus notices of late-breaking stories. No charge, no obligation -- we just want to make sure you don't miss an issue!

[sunWHERE? icon] sunWHERE. Pop quiz: True or False? We talked about sunWHERE earlier on this page. Answer: True! It's our little homage to Yahoo.

[Letters icon] Letters to the editor. Uh... you figure it out.

[Advertising sales icon] Advertise to the most powerful buyers on the Web.

[Editors icon] Wow, you can read our biographies, look at our mugshots, get our PGP signature blocks and fingerprints, and send us e-mail. Please don't click on our heads.

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