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Last updated 17 November, 1995

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Ultra Computing unveiled By Mark Cappel
Under the Big Top, Sun announces a high-powered "sweet-spot" workstation and a high-end MP desktop that sets a new floating-point record. (2,400 words)

A look at Ultra hardware By George Lawton
A well-integrated system boosts Ultra series performance. (2,000 words including 1 sidebar)

Solaris 2.5 By Michael O'Connell
The software behind the hardware. (1,100 words)

Zander interview By Cate Corcoran
Ed Zander, president of SMCC, speaks out on the state of Sun's competition, Sun's market-share, Java, and UltraSPARC. (4,400 words)

UltraSPARC excites VARs and ISVs By Barry Bowen
Sun's VAR and ISV community giddy over UltraSPARC. (800 words)

A rising tide lifts all ships By Barry Bowen
SPARC compatible vendors eye UltraSPARC with interest. (700 words)

Ultra Computing debut: You are there By Erica Liederman
Behind the scenes at the Ultra 1 and 2 introduction in Menlo Park, CA. Includes audio reactions from users who witnessed the event. (2,100 words)


`Java Day' event: You are there
Couldn't get a ticket for the hottest show in Silicon Valley? Here's what our reporter saw and heard at the event that was equal parts tent revival and technical conference. (2,000 words)

Sun goes Hollywood
Pixar produces Disney's new Toy Story animated feature film using a wall of SPARCstations. We take a look backstage. (1,800 words including 2 sidebars)

Take a peek at Sun's next generation: The UltraSPARC II
As it prepares to ship UltraSPARC I-based computers, Sun debuts a blazing follow-on at Microprocessor Forum. (1,000 words)

Sun's network blueprint: Tomorrow's technology today
Sun uses Internet technology to tie together its whole networking strategy -- with the promise to upgrade your LAN capability fast. (2,500 words)

New products:
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun/SPARC/Solaris, it's here, in the industry's most timely and comprehensive new-product listing.


The golden gateway by Hal Stern
Before you leap into all-or-nothing client/server re-engineering, consider how gateway servers can let you get started at lower risk -- to your firm and to your job. (3,600 words)

Review-Comparison: PC X-servers grow up by Ken Phillips
We test and profile four utilities that let Windows PCs talk to Unix machines and to the Internet. We find features and performance that rival X terminals. (3,200 words including 3 sidebars)

My Year with Scott by Barbara Gordon
Spend a year as the strong right arm of S. McNealy and learn a few things. If you survive the road trips, that is. (1,800 words)

SPEC95 By Walter Bays
SPEC releases an update to its industry-standard benchmark. (2,200 words)


Java Developer by Rinaldo DiGiorgio
Debut of our new monthly column dedicated to the revolutionary new language sweeping the world. This month: Features and advantages; a comparison of the alpha and Java Developers Kit versions; some code examples -- in short, Why Java Is Good. (5,200 words)

Security by Peter Galvin
Is there a fox in the henhouse? Here are tools that will help you find out. (2,600 words)

SysAdmin by Hal Stern
A hands-on primer on TCP/IP. (3,000 words including 1 sidebar)

Performance Q&A by Adrian Cockcroft
When is 64-bit faster? A comprehensive look at the underlying technology reveals benefits -- and drawbacks. (2,500 words)

Connectivity by Rawn Shah
Networking in Windows 95: Bending WinNet to your will. (1,800 words)

Client/Server by Bill Rosenblatt
Spotlight on Documentum, a flagship product in the emerging enterprise document-management industry. (2,800 words including 1 sidebar)

Unix Enterprise
by Harris Kern and Randy Johnson Performance monitoring and capacity planning: What you need to know when configuring a server for client/server computing. (6,900 words)

Career Advisor by Edgar Saadi
The NT career question asked, and answered honestly. (1,400 words)

From the publisher by Michael McCarthy
Take our site -- please! Or, the wonders of mirroring SunWorld Online. (1,500 words)


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