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[SunWorld October 1997 table of contents]
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Choosing a scripting language by Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz
Perl, Tcl & Python: they're not your father's scripting languages. We compare the "big three." (3,000 words)

Sizing up your Web server by Brian L. Wong
Capacity planning for Web servers boils down to 3 primary considerations. We tell you what they are so you can more accurately estimate Web server load and configuration. (2,300 words)

Electronic commerce in the '90s -- how far have we come? by Robert E. Lee
How did e-commerce evolve and what is plaguing its acceptance now? (2,800 words)

Reader Survey
Sound off on the Microsoft lawsuit.


Top news stories

Sun releases new Java scripting language by Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz
Jacl positioned as high-level developer tool (1,000 words)

Microsoft countersues Sun on Java licensing by Marc Ferranti
Company charges Sun with unfair business practices, says Explorer meets licensing requirements. (600 words)

Intel, HP release first details on IA-64 by Torsten Busse
Intel to migrate to EPIC architecture (600 words)

Microsoft, Sun make Java licensing deal public by Nancy Weil
This ugly dispute just got uglier. Sun accuses Microsoft of lying. Microsoft says Sun is attempting to argue its case in the court of public opinion. We've included links to the actual agreement so you can decide for yourself. (1,600 words)

UltraSPARC-III to scale to 1,000 processors by Robert McMillan
Sun goes public with details on the new 600 MHz chip as Intel and HP prepare to make their first public IA-64 disclosure. (750 words)

SunSpots SunSpots: The latest tidbits on Sun deals and product news by IDG News Service staff
New Netra t 1100 targets telecom industry. Sun's Q1 earnings fall flat. McNealy predicts protracted suit with Microsoft. (4 stories posted)

Microsoft sued over Java in I.E. 4.0 by Robert McMillan and Elizabeth Heichler
But does Microsoft really care? (700 words)

Sun switches course with new Java chip by Robert McMillan
New picoJava II core to execute Java and legacy code (800 words)


Career Advisor: Should I work abroad? How important is a degree vs. work experience? by Edgar Saadi
This month we consider the possibility -- and difficulty -- of securing a job abroad and ponder the futures of a new grad and a non grad. (1,300 words)

Bill's Bookshelf Bill's Bookshelf: Brockman's digerati are lookers, not doers by Bill Rosenblatt
Can 33 "cyber elite" say anything important about the Information Age? (1,900 words)

Unix Enterprise: Get with the program -- mentor your staff by Harris Kern and Randy Johnson
Retraining your mainframers to fit the client/server environment is a tough challenge to say the least. Put these programs in place to ease the transition. (1,400 words)

Readers Speak Out
This month: Technical Q&A galore! Jim Mauro exceeds the limits of shared memory; Cameron Laird reveals the hottest Tcl/DOS innovations; and Adrian Cockcroft diagnoses the symptoms of mutex failure. Plus, have you checked-out virtual_adrian lately?

More news

Eye on the competitionEye on the competition: up-to-the-minute news on Sun's rivals by IDG News Service
Janet Reno vs. Microsoft: U.S. Justice Department seeks $1 million/day fine. Intel reportedly in negotiations to buy DEC's Alpha. IBM's new 12-way RS/6000 S70 to ship November 14. Cisco, HP drop Ethernet switch prices. (5 stories posted)

McNealy defends Microsoft lawsuit by Marc Ferranti
Says "this is not something we wanted to do." (1,400 words)

The Sun-Microsoft lawsuit: A developer's perspective by John Zukowski
How does Microsoft's release of IE 4.0 and SDK for Java affect you? (1,200 words)

Liberté, Fraternité Java? by Francois Lambel and Elizabeth Heichler
Story of French developers booing anti-Java presentation doesn't quite check out. (400 words)

Solaris to get GraphOn X server by Robert McMillan
Go-Global brings X applications to JavaStation clients. (900 words)

New Sun Internet Mail Server 3.1 to ship October 7 by Robert McMillan and Dana Gardner
PROFS, cc:Mail, and Microsoft Mail connectivity services expected by year's end. (550 words)

Top-level domain stakeholders make their cases to the U.S. government by Rebecca Sykes
Report from the U.S. House Science Subcommittee on Basic Research hearings. (700 words)

SunWorld's Net News Central compiled by Craig Knudsen
Your quick resource for Sun-related headlines on the World Wide Web -- including links to full-length articles.

New products
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun, SPARC, or Solaris, it's here in the industry's most comprehensive and timely new product listing.


Webmaster: Weeding your Web site -- part 1 by Chuck Musciano
A checklist of what to do to keep your Web site healthy and uncluttered. (2,100 words)

Inside Solaris: Setting our sights on semaphores by Jim Mauro
A strong understanding of how semaphores work will help you develop and manage Solaris application code and systems. (3,500 words)

Security: Pete's Wicked World -- Are you certifiable?
Digital certificates are all the rage with the press and associated vendors. But where does the rubber meet the road? An interview with GTE CyberTrust Solutions's Joe Vignaly brings us up to speed. (1,600 words)

Performance Q&A: Learn to performance tune your Java programs by Adrian Cockcroft
Measure Java performance with this new data graphing tool. (2,500 words)

Connectivity: This rise of Gigabit Ethernet by Rawn Shah
How did it all begin -- and where are we now? (2,400 words)

Real World Perspectives: Monitoring system and network performance metrics by Frank Henderson and Dave Koehler
Shrink-wrapped systems management solutions just don't cut it. We show you how we customized a fault and performance management system for one company to improve availability and response time for customers and internal users. (2,900 words)

Unix 101: Search and replace with vi -- part one by Mo Budlong
How does it work and how do you work with it? (2,700 words)


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