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[SunWorld Online June 1996 table of contents]

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Gage reveals Sun's $1,000 NC by Elinor Mills and Niall McKay
Sun will sell an NC for less than $1,000 this year. (1,000 words)

Sun's Baratz sees Java everywhere by Kristi Essick
Where there's a computer, there's Java. (250 words)

Sun buys OpenStep development firm by Sari Kalin
McNealy: "We think objects are here for sure now." (100 words)

JavaSoft readies Java for prime time by Cate T. Corcoran
JavaOS licensees say they are ready to go. (1,400 words)

JavaOne: A new industry comes into its own by Elinor Mills
More than 6,000 attendees spent three days in tutorials, listening to speeches, and looking at the wares of 168 vendors. We took a brief look at the top dozen. (900 words)

Java wild by Carolyn W.C. Wong
Bud Tribble sees a family of Java-based NC devices in Sun's future. (800 words)

McNealy derides government meddling in Internet by Sari Kalin
Scott McNealy's talk at his Harvard alma mater touched on Java, government, and a noted Harvard drop-out. (400 words)

Servers supreme by Carolyn W.C. Wong
Readers tell us what they think about Sun's new Ultra Enterprise servers. (900 words) Also, reader comments (1,600 words)

New products
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun/SPARC/Solaris, it's here, in the industry's most comprehensive and timely new-product listing.


SunEast: In Sweet New England by Michael Jay Tucker
Sun's largest remote office is in New England. What on earth is the quintessential Silicon Valley company doing there? (2,700 words)

Unix head-to-head by Barry D. Bowen
The major flavors of Unix continue to converge. With all promising support for the Java virtual machine, what's left to innovate? (2,000 words)

Solaris shareware roundup by Max Airborne and Erin O'Neill
We sniff-out every significant archive of Solaris software. (2,100 words including two sidebars)

S/WAN swims along by George Lawton
Secure Wide Area Networking consortium promises secure open networks (2,100 words including one sidebar)


Security: In the Trenches by Peter Galvin and Hal Pomeranz
We interrupt your normally scheduled security column for an important report from a Unix security conference. (2,500 words)

SysAdmin: Twisty little passages all automounted alike by Hal Stern.
A second look at automounter secrets (2,900 words)

Performance Q&A: How do disks really work? by Adrian Cockcroft.
How to make sense of your SCSI disks' behavior (3,100 words)

Client/Server: Informix leaps to objects by Bill Rosenblatt.
Informix Universal Server promises to raise the database technology bar (1,700 words)

Unix Enterprise: Sizing it like a mainframe by Harris Kern and Randy Johnson.
Is it better to devote one server to one application? Or buy the biggest server you can afford? (900 words)

Career Advisor: Web-related careers booming by Edgar Saadi.
With nothing but growth ahead the career risks in Internet technologies appear low (1,700 words)

Webmaster: Securing your Web server by Chuck Musciano.
Make sure your site is safe from prying eyes and malicious intent (2,000 words)

Java Developer: Has moved! by Rinaldo DiGiorgio.
Visit our sister publication JavaWorld to learn everything you wanted to know about Java but were afraid to ask.


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