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[SunWorld Online March 1997 table of contents]
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We decode Microsoft's NetPC standard in our NC World supplement

Keep your data secure from prying eyes: An encryption primer by Dave Kosiur
Do you have sensitive data on your Web site? Do you send confidential e-mail you want to keep private? We explain the various methods of encrypting data and how using them can help safeguard your information as it traverses the Internet. (3,200 words)

Developers at a crossroads: How will Apple's incorporation of Next impact the future of NextStep for Solaris? by Rick Cook
Will the merger help or hinder Sun's marketshare? (2,400 words)

8 important issues to consider before building an intranet by Kathryn Esplin
What must you know about your intranet's infrastructure and staffing to be successful? These guidelines will help you through the morass of intranet planning. Plus, Sun and Lockheed Martin tell how they constructed their massive intranets. (6,500 words)

How can streaming multimedia enhance your Web site? by George Lawton
Thinking about adding audio and video to your Web site? Is it worth the time and money? Consider the options -- Two companies tell why and how they did it. (2,700 words)

Reader Survey
Just how secure are you?


Solaris 2.6 disclosure: We've got the goods on the new features by Robert McMillan
Plus find out how this upcoming version fits in with Solstice HA and Sun's Full Moon clustering plans. (500 words)

Is Hewlett-Packard abandoning its Unix commitment? Sun thinks so by Robert McMillan
Sun says it's the only leader in the Unix space; HP says Sun's just running scared. (800 words)

Eric Schmidt goes to Novell: How will he help the troubled company? by Robert McMillan
Will Sun's chief technology officer strengthen Novell's Java focus? (400 words)

Haven't heard about Sun's new JavaNFS and "Project Studio?" We give you the newly-revealed details... by Robert McMillan
Sun also hints at Java WorkShop licensing deal with a major competitor and RDI and Axil preview new products -- all at the Sun User Group West conference. (1,000 words)

Sun's McNealy aims Java "downgrade" kit at Windows by Kristi Essick
His Microsoft gibing continues at CeBIT. (500 words)

The honeymoon's over -- so what's next for Java? by James Niccolai
IDC predicts Java's share of the expected $2 billion Internet development tools market and what will drive Java's growth. (400 words)

NC confusion deterring corporate/consumer sales -- but market will build by 2001 by Sari Kalin
IDC statistics gauge NC purchasing plans, compare growth potential to NetPCs. (900 words)

Intel, Microsoft detail NetPC specifications by Terho Uimonen
What will NetPCs include -- and when will they actually ship? (500 words)

SunWorld Reader survey results: The burning NC question -- who needs it and why? by Carolyn W.C. Wong
Find out whether your fellow readers plan to implement network computers and what they think are NCs' most and least attractive features. (800 words)

Network Solutions promises to speed ISP domain registration by Rebecca Sykes
What are the guarantees for participating ISPs? (400 words)

Will you soon be using smart cards for electronic payments? by Niall McKay and Sari Kalin
AT&T and Mondex start trials and lay out plans for technology integration and partnerships with banks. (600 words)

Will Lucent's new Inferno OS catch on? by Sari Kalin
While Inferno supports Java, it's also competing for developers' attention. (500 words)

Software AG's beta of Microsoft's DCOM set for Sun Solaris by Torsten Busse
Release represents first step in Software AG's plans to bring ActiveX to midrange and mainframe platforms. (350 words)

What's new in computer telephony? by Stephen Lawton
Help desk applications take Java to new heights. (500 words)

Internet Expo holds gems for Solaris users by Stephen Lawton
E-mail switch, Web management tools, and firewall for Sun systems among the multitude of NT offerings. (800 words)

Does electronic commerce threaten the banking industry? by Marc Ferranti
At IBIS '97 international banking executives heard about how their future might change. (800 words)

European users shun Unix, NetWare for NT by Kristi Essick
What's the motivation behind the migration? (400 words)

Where are the server wars headed? by Ed Golden
How will server revenues stack up by the year 2000? (300 words)

SunWorld's Net News Central Compiled by Craig Knudsen
Your quick resource for Sun-related headlines on the World Wide Web -- including links to full-length articles.

SunSpots: the latest tidbits on Sun deals and product news by SunWorld staff
Find out about Sun's four-phase Full Moon roadmap, "webtone," Sun's HPC systems, the E4000's latest record TPC-C benchmark results, and more. (1,300 words)

News briefs: industry items of interest by IDG News Service staff
Intranet growth, security standards, and Networks Expo launches to whet your appetite. (1,300 words)

Eye on the competition: Hewlett-Packard launches smart card solution, imaging technology by SunWorld staff
And Apple expected to incorporate new Motorola chip, while Intel formalizes name for Pentium PRO replacement. (1,200 words)

New products
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun/SPARC/Solaris, it's here, in the industry's most comprehensive and timely new-product listing.


Career Advisor: Told you were overqualified? Winning interviews are a learned skill by Edgar Saadi
Also, finding the right match is critical, but if you make the wrong job move there are actions you can take. (1,700 words)

Webmaster: Control everything about your documents' appearance with style sheets by Chuck Musciano
In Part 2, regain control of your document text. We show you how to change text and link appearance and define margins, and examine 3 ways to attach styles. (2,200 words)

Security: Pete's Wicked World: Practicing what I preach -- How I set up a secure e-commerce site by Peter Galvin
In Part 1, we evaluate the design and implementation of the site to help make your own integration easier. (2,000 words)

Sysadmin: How can you make the network yente work for you by Hal Stern
Need to find the IP address of a network node? Let ARP be your matchmaker. (2,800 words)

Performance Q&A: How to optimize caching file accesses by Adrian Cockcroft
How can you tell if the caches are working well and how big they should be? How can you tune applications together with the caches? We show you. (2,500 words)

Connectivity: Will the push -- not pull -- of Internet information dramatically alter our Web interactions? by Rawn Shah
Learn why the next metamorphosis of the Web will be based on push technology and about the stimulating vendors who will lead us there. (2,000 words)

Bill's Bookshelf: Building loyal customer relations -- that last by Bill Rosenblatt
The authors of The One to One Future cite numerous ideas for differentiating your business from the masses and leveraging demographic data into real value for your customers -- while using the Web as the ultimate tool to do so. (3,500 words)

Unix 101: Grasping more of the vi editor by Mo Budlong
This reference guide to basic, yet crucial vi commands continues with quick methods for conducting searches, setting word wrapping margins, and cutting, copying, and pasting text. (2,500 words)

Unix Enterprise: Get users, IT, and management working together more effectively by Harris Kern and Randy Johnson
We present an outline for organizing a program to develop a business road map and determine benefits in resolving IT issues. (1,700 words)

Reader Letters
Readers speak out about FTP sites for Solaris x86, C compilers, and much more.


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