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Last updated 1 March, 1996

Caldera latches onto SunSoft's Wabi by Carolyn W. C. Wong & Rob Guth
Caldera will offer SunSoft's Wabi on its Linux-based Caldera Network Desktop...And catch up on other Sun- and Java-related news. (1,200 words)

SunSoft discloses its 64-bit roadmap for Solaris by Mark Cappel
SunSoft plans to add 64-bit features a step at a time to assure compatibility and (hopefully) avoid bugs. (1,100 words)

Everything you need to know about the Uniforum show by Carolyn W.C. Wong & Michael Parsons
A roundup of events at last month's Uniforum trade show. (1,100 words)

Oracle unveils `Internet Toaster' prototypes by Michael Parsons
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison showed mock-ups of a family of network computers that the company hopes will provide a cheaper way to access network resources such as the World Wide Web. We also offer a brief sidebar on Japanese firms developing their own Internet terminals. (2,100 words, including a sidebar)

Steve Jobs takes on the Internet by Cate T. Corcoran
Following yet another redefinition of Next's charter earlier this month, Steve Jobs met with press and customers on a rainy day in San Francisco to showcase NeXT's forthcoming application development tool for the Web. (1,100 words)

Sun/Apple merger sparks interest by Carolyn W.C. Wong
The idea of Sun buying Apple isn't so crazy after all, according to our survey of SunWorld Online readers. (900 words) Also, reader comments. (25,000 words)

New products
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun/SPARC/Solaris, it's here, in the industry's most comprehensive and timely new-product listing.


Delivering multimedia on the Internet By George Lawton
A look at Internet multimedia and 3D technology. (4,800 words)

Programming asynchronous I/O in Solaris 2 by Steve Leung
Programming asynchronous input/output (AIO) requires a lot of effort in design and coding. But software using AIO can outperform its synchronous I/O counterpart by as much as 50 percent. (5,100 words, including 2 sidebars)

NetWare-to-Unix connectivity by Ken Phillips
Some think melding Unix and NetWare is tricky business, but it is easier than one might imagine. We look at three products that handle the grunt work. (2,500 words including two sidebars)


Security: Billions and billions of bugs by Peter Galvin.
What security bugs could affect you? And how can you stomp them out? (1,900 words)

SysAdmin: Surfing with the sharks by Hal Stern.
An exposé of the legal liabilities and responsibilities of system administrators. (3,000 words)

Performance Q&A: Watching your Web server by Adrian Cockcroft.
How you can monitor your Web server's performance and what you can do about it. (4,000 words)

Connectivity: Getting started with Windows remote connectivity by Rawn Shah.
Knowing the details might make remote connectivity a much more realistic option for you. (1,800 words)

Client/Server: Sybase's Web tools strategy by Bill Rosenblatt.
Web-aware database development tools promise to make client/server app deployment easier. (2,200 words)

Unix Enterprise: Build it and they will come by Harris Kern and Randy Johnson.
It's time to set your organization's technology standards, policies, and disciplines. (2,100 words)

Career Advisor: When should I jump ship? by Edgar Saadi.
Deciding when to bail from a job is never easy. Here's how. (1,400 words)

Webmaster: Collecting and using server statistics by Chuck Musciano.
How to interpret server statistics and when they can (and can't!) be used. (2,300 words)

Java Developer: Has moved! by Rinaldo DiGiorgio.
Visit our sister publication JavaWorld to learn everything you wanted to know about Java but were afraid to ask.


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