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[SunWorld Online February 1997 table of contents]
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Creating order from chaos: How Sun's Solstice Enterprise Manager 2.0 addresses crucial network management processes by Robert E. Lee
What are its components -- and what do they do? What future developments are in the works as Sun increases its market potential with ports to Windows NT and HP-UX? (1,800 words)

Is a hybrid database in your future? by Rick Cook
The best of object-oriented databases and relational databases are merging into object-relational databases. Where this new model fits into your corporate environment will make you rethink your RDBMS plans. (2,600 words)

Sun injects Solaris X86 with new life as it makes its way to 64 bits by Rick Cook
Windows NT might have the marketshare, but here's why Solaris X86 could be your better choice for Intel-based workstations. (2,200 words)

Can tag switching bridge the chasm between ATM and IP networks? by Dave Kosiur
In the drive to improve the performance of enterprise networks, Cisco and other vendors are pushing the benefits of tag switching. We explain what it is, when and how to implement it, and consider its future as standards are debated. (2,300 words)

Reader Survey
Are you in the market for a data warehouse?


Ampex changes rules for high-end tape backup by Stephen Lawton
New technology, higher capacity make serial tape backup a thing of the past. How Ampex's new Legato NetWorker support fits into Sun's enterprise storage scheme. (800 words)

Consensus needed for encryption export policy to succeed by Elinor Mills
Is a key recovery policy the answer to forestall this international turmoil? (500 words)

What's in a name? On the Internet, everything by Rob Guth
Industry group tries to recast domain name system, but how can it manage such a task? Will 7 new domain names stick amid the controversy? (700 words)

High-performance technical server sales soar worldwide by Ed Golden
What were the trends for midrange systems, supercomputers, and massively parallel processors that caused the boom? (300 words)

Just how big is the worldwide LAN market today? by Sari Kalin
We give you the breakdown on growth for hubs and switches, routers, and network interface cards. (700 words)

Sun's ambitious pursuit to steal third-party storage business from EMC by Robert McMillan
Will Sun hit or miss in its drive to sell storage to non-Solaris platforms? What advantages does Sun offer over the competition? (1,300 words)

Gunning for the data center: Sun's Starfire targets mainframe co-existence by Stephen Lawton
Learn about the Ultra Enterprise 10000 offerings -- and how Sun is pursuing the $20 billion enterprise storage market and beefing up its services. (1,900 words)

How is the NT/Unix battle shaping up? by Ed Golden
Why IT buying decisions are changing -- IDC puts server market numbers into perspective. (500 words)

SunSpots: the latest tidbits on Sun deals and product news by SunWorld staff
Find out about Solaris NEO 2.0, what Sun is doing to encourage telecom, Java-based apps, and why its tightening its relationship with Lotus. (800 words)

Marimba in cahoots with SunSoft? Multicast software may be embedded in Java NCs by Niall McKay
Marimba also targeting ISPs with future server technology. (500 words)

Eye On The Competition: SGI fires up Octane workstations by Elizabeth Heichler and Joanne Taaffe
HP-UX gets boost from Hitachi. (700 words)

Faster analog modems may be stalled by James Niccolai
U.S. FCC regulations could tie the hands of 56 Kbps chipset vendors. Battle lines are being drawn as the drama plays out in Washington. (500 words)


Career Advisor: Managing those ever-tricky money matters by Edgar Saadi
Be wary of money alone motivating your job move. What else does your current job offer that you won't find elsewhere? Here are 3 different work dilemmas hinging on money -- and the solutions. (1,300 words)

Webmaster: Control everything about your documents' appearance with style sheets by Chuck Musciano
Learn why the ability to dictate fonts, margins, colors, and layout on any browser is now becoming reality -- and how to apply a style to your documents. (2,000 words)

Security: Pete's Wicked World Are insecurity woes keeping your network administrator up at night? by Peter Galvin
Do you need a penetration test? We look at the use and abuse of penetration testing. (3,600 words)

Performance Q&A: Increase system performance by maximizing your cache by Adrian Cockcroft
You can't get the best results if you use the wrong cache. We explain how each works and when to do it. (3,100 words)

Connectivity: Closing on Broadway: Can the final X11 spec survive the Internet and NCs? by Rawn Shah
What are the new features of the X Consortium's Broadway, and how do they improve Web integration, application access, printing, and security? (2,200 words)

Real World Perspectives: Learn what is really bogging down your network by Frank Henderson and Dave Koehler
Network statistics often reveal unexpected culprits slowing data transfers. Finding these gremlins can eliminate finger pointing between your various consultants and increase system performance. Here's how proper testing solved one company's network troubles. (2,000 words)

Bill's Bookshelf: Jamming your business to foster creativity by Bill Rosenblatt
John Kao, author of Jamming, tells you how to restructure your company's design, business processes, and mindsharing methods to elicit innovation using jazz jam sessions as a rich metaphor. (3,000 words)

Unix 101: Grasping the vi editor by Mo Budlong
New to Unix? Need a refresher? This is your reference guide to basic, yet crucial vi commands needed for quick document navigation. (1,600 words)

Unix Enterprise: What `lights-out' really means: what you need, what you want, and what you can have by Harris Kern and Randy Johnson
Defining a `lights-out' environment requires making choices. We help you determine just what those choices are. (700 words)

Reader Letters
Readers speak out on Sendmail, PPP, root logins, and much more.


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